Friday, May 26, 2017

Teen Anime Club - Otaku Bingo


I originally wanted to include this activity with my Cherry Blossom Festival, but I overplanned.  Using the bingo card generator at My Free Bingo Cards, I added 60 manga and anime titles along with some Japanese words and phrases.  You can use the printable below to make 30 cards.  The PDF file also includes 2 cards for the caller which you can cut up and put in a bucket or bag so your choices are more random.  I used a bag of craft buttons as the bingo chips.  I didn't include a free space but this is an option you can add if you make your own boards online. For prizes I gave away Pocky and some Easter bubblegum from clearance.   When I told my teens we were playing Otaku Bingo, one of them replied "great, I like tacos." I dearly hope they were teasing but sometimes you just can't tell. 


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