Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bryce Don't Play

I was rather delighted to see that my blog, One for the Books,  received a shout out in the blog Bryce Don't Play. In her latest blog post, Awesome New-To-Me Blogs, Bryce recounts 9 librarians who write about programing, storytimes, STEAM, STEM, professional issues and of course they cover a broad swath of book reviews.  With her educational background, this twice degreed librarian is both encouraging  and  humbling. Which is super important since her resume can make most other CVs look a tad paltry. 

For bite sized morsels from library land be sure to follow Bryce on Twitter; right after you subscribe to her blog of course.  

I really appreciate being featured in this article along with 8 other highly motivated, busy bodies whom I hope I can meet some day. 

Scampers away to think about writing her own favorite blogs to follow post.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

News You Can Use - Teething Beads


Extra disclaimer - I am not a doctor or a scientist. All information shared should in the context of me presenting newly gathered knowledge and not as a strict guideline for how to raise a child.

I do a weekly preschool class that follows a baby storytime lead by another staff member. I keep seeing beaded amber necklaces on my Storytime little ones. After spying my third infant with beaded jewelry I started to wonder what was going on.  As a self proclaimed nosey parker I just flat asked people if these necklaces the latest baby accessory. Parents tell me the oils help soothe teething pain. Is this a fad? It sounded a bit dubious.

Here's the scoop,
Teething necklaces have been used by parents for centuries, especially in the Baltic region of Europe from which the most effective form of the resin originates. While these parents may not have known how or why these baubles helped to relieve the pain, drooling, inflammation and irritability that their children experienced as new teeth broke through the surface of the gums, they did realize that the treatment was effective. Modern parents who hope to alleviate these difficult symptoms for their own children without resorting to over-the-counter topical analgesic gels filled with synthetic chemicals are helping amber teething necklaces to enjoy a resurgence in popularity. Thanks to today’s scientific advances, however, it is possible to understand exactly how and why a teething necklace made from amber can make the process of teething easier for your child. (Amber)
Baltic amber contains Succinic Acid.  When the beaded necklaces are worn against the skin, a tiny amount of oil that contains succinic acid is released because of body heat. When the oil is absorbed, fans of these beads say it has an analgesic effect on swollen, sore gums. Because the succinic acid is naturally occurring in both the amber and the human body, this method of pain relief is thought to be more natural. (WhatToExpect)

You can visit Amber Teething Necklace, a site that sells the beads as well as providing more information about how the amber soothes the teething process.  Talking to people about this idea lead to a variety of perspectives.  Many parents say they have used the beads with positive and noticeable effects. While other parents didn't see a change in their child's teething pain when wearing the necklace. People with or without children felt the beads were a hazard since infants could swallow and choke on them, or that the  necklaces  could  strangle a baby.  Adults also stated they knew it would just be a placebo effect but would  continue using the beads.  Its possible that this is a fad that will ebb and flow like other child-rearing trends. 

To be safe, children wearing the necklaces should always be supervised.  Necklaces should have quick release or tear away style closures to prevent a child from becoming trapped. Beads should be removed at naptime and bedtime, or the beads should be placed around the infant's ankle to limit the chance of entrapment. Necklaces should have knots between each bead to ensure the entire strand does not come apart, leading to a child ingesting the beads.  Be sure to buy a necklaces from a reputable sources and when in doubt, discuss this choice with your doctor.  Remember that other sources of pain relief may be available for the child. (ACCC)

Further Reading :

Thursday, April 23, 2015

YALSA The Hub : Dream Interpretation - Snakes


I think I finally found a way to use my strange dreams to their best advantage.  I am testing a booklist post on YALSA The Hub that chooses teen fiction to counteract specific dreams or nightmares. Hopefully, if the idea is successful, I will be able to create a series of booklists on dreams.  

Dream Interpretation - Snakes


Monday, April 20, 2015

1st Anniversary


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to One for the Books.  In that short time I've had three jobs and posted about them 136 times.  Thanks for sticking with me.  

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Normally gifs make me dizzy but I do love a good sock slide so I made an exception. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

S.O.Y.A.M.R.G. - Southern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group

Because really who has time to read
 during the week?
I've been a member of SOYAMRG for well over ten years now. I was an unofficial member while working on my MLS at IU Bloomington and I became an official  member in summer 2004 after graduation. In a nutshell, SOYARMG is a book review group that focuses on teen or young adult books.  We do  occasionally  review audiobooks, ebooks and maybe one cd-rom, but in  general we receive print copies of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and  biographies written for young adults.  We also get a healthy smattering of juvenile  materials.   Since I work in youth services and wear both the teen and juvenile hats I don't mind reading picture books, easy readers and juvenile chapter books along with my teen fiction. We don't get as many graphic novels as I'd like so I tend to make a dive for those immediately.  (hint to publishers, please send comics and manga)

Our group meets 6 times a year.  Its every other 3rd Tuesday of the month (January, March, May, July, September, November).  Meetings start at 5pm and can run until 8pm or 9pm.  In July we have a potluck meeting that start at 11am.  Usually that is our big wrap it up before the school year and make other organizational decisions meeting (sadly, I already know I cannot attend this year's potluck since we do our storytimes on Tuesday). We currently meet at a local public library's community room. Each person has a stack of books ranging from 3-12 or even more sometimes.  If its a kids book you give a super quick review, love it or hate it then we move on. Tween and teen fiction gets a bit more time but with so much to cover we still try to limit reviews to a minute.  Sometimes if you get to verbose we have a nominated time keeper with a klaxon on their phone to help you wrap things up. This can be really tough when a book is amazing and you want to savor it again or its so bad you just cannot stop highlighting all the ways it failed. 

Hail to the Queen.
Once you are done with your reviews you get to choose a book for next time.  At the end of the meeting we do the math to figure out how many more books each person needs.  Then its a free for all. You write out a list of your books for a member who then uses that list to ensure that all books are reviewed and that the reviews get to the publishers.  The publishers in turn reward us with more books. Yeah! The best part is you get to keep the books for your library collection.  Or you give them to another member whose collection needs them more.  If you get proof or galley copies these items can be used for summer reading prizes. 

For more info you can find us on Facebook or our website

Interested in joining?  If you live in the south western Ohio and would like to review youth literature, dues are only $10 a year. 


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lost and Found

Finders, Keepers. 
I just wrapped up week three of my new job as a Children's and Teen Librarian. I cannot wait to see them get my title on a business card.  Our business cards are vertical and I would think that poses some unique formatting challenges. Youth Services is a familiar hat but working in a new library makes a lot of things unclear again.  I am disappointed that since we are paid bi-weekly we don't get our checks until next week.  I was so hoping it was pay check Friday but, alas, pay day is next week. At least there is a prospect of  an impending  staff meetings with donuts.  I do like my nummy-nummies.

  • A wooden peg that should hold the frame to the stained glass panel together.  It should be in the craft closet but I sure couldn't find it.  
  • I still haven't figured out when to work Tween programming into the schedule so that's just going to languish on the To Do List for awhile. 
  • I made two errors on my first library card and had to fix them so I could learn from my mistakes.  (sad hamster) 
  • I cannot get WordPress to save my formatting so sadly I cannot send in any new YALSA blog posts. 
  • My desk gets more full of supplies everyday. And by supplies I mean frosting for make your own Pocky, an elephant puppet and three kinds of glue.
  • My To Do List is a hot mess.
  • I'm barely getting any reading done that isn't other library or youth services blogs.  I am not being a good teammate for the SWON Teen Reading Challenge
  • My packed lunches aren't all that inspired.  Full and nutritious yes but fun, that remains to be seen. 

Craft closet treasure.

  • A panel of stained glass has been in the storytime closet (I sometimes call this the craft closet out of habit, its the same thing) since who knows when. They came to get it with a hand truck today so maybe it will be refurbished and displayed in the library for everyone to enjoy.
  • I discovered you can soften petrified Mod Podge with water if you cannot get the lid off any other way.  Also Mod Podge seem to resist the aging process; the jar sure looks retro but the contents are just fine.
  • I got more HR paperworky type things done and my health insurance cards came in the mail.  Whoo Hoo! I officially have coverage and won't be fined by the government.
And I don't even like carrots.
  • I am making crafts for all my Preschool storytime.  I didn't think I was great at crafts and I didn't think I enjoyed crafts. But maybe that's because I didn't think I was good at them? A viscous cycle.  Anyway, it seems I sort of like paper crafts with the kids so who knew right? 
  • I added my first date for school outreach in May, I'll get to visit a local preschool and share out summer reading programs with them.

  • I learned how to make library cards and actually made one. 
  • The storytime closest gets cleaner everyday.
  • I color coded my email and my work calendar. 
  • I walked through most of the steps to counting down the register last night. I haven't counted down a drawer in years so I'm not that good at it.
  • The Teen room should be getting some new shelving maybe by summer reading. We did already purloin nearby magazine rack that is infinity better than the magazine shelving that we had. 
  • The library is down the street from a historic site called Gammon House, which was built in 1850. 
  • The Bow Wow Brigade, which is a kids program where you practice reading out loud to patient pups, will be hosted by yours truly in May. 


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Folder Story - Paint

I was inspired by folder stories last week.  Other staff use them.  I saw some ideas online. However I've never seen a librarian present a folder story so I didn't know how to begin. I did a quick google search and found a template I thought I could try. 

(Not) Flannel Friday: “Mrs. Mark’s Favorite Color” File Folder Story

Here's the final result.  I can't wait to test it on my storytime kids. Basically the folder has a cut out to reveal changes in the story.  In my story the colors change and at the end there is a rainbow made of all the preceding colors. And if you are organized or have nimble fingers you can change out of the papers without dropping the contents of your folder story on the floor.

Next time I think I might try a story that didn't require you to cut out two holes for the colors to show through.  For some reason I found this added feature really confusing.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Preschool Storytime - Lego/Construction


This is the program that I sweated and fretted over so it would be perfect for job interviews.  It may be a bit neurotic but I did have a great time presenting this storytime to my preschoolers and their parents.

  • Song - Everything is Awesome from The Lego Movie Soundtrack
    • free dance with egg shakers 
  • Hello My Name is Joe - Peter and Ellen Allard 
  • Felt Board - Five Little Legos 
Originally I wanted to do Five Little Legos, which I had seen on Thrive After Three. Sometimes I'm limited by my own imagination but this time I was limited by supplies. So I made up a new rhyme for counting Lego Blocks.

5 legos in a tower tall

I want to knock them over and make them fall
I'll clean up my toys one by one
Felt Lego blocks that stick to nearly
everything, even wool pants.

let's count to see when I am done

4 legos in a tower tall
I want to knock it over and make them fall
I'll clean up my toys one by one
let's count to see when i am done

3 legos in a tower tall
I want to know it over and make them fall

I'll clean up my toys one by one
let's count to see when i am done

2 legos in a tower tall

I want to knock them over and make them fall
I'll clean up my toys one by one
let's count to see when i am done

1 lego in a tower tall

I want to knock it over and make it fall
I'll clean up my toys one by one

But theres nothing to count because we are all done.
  • Book - Who made this cake? by Chihiro Nakagawa 
  • Felt Board - Dump Trucks
    • I saw this idea from Construction Time on Sunflower Storytime.  They suggest you use colored paper strewn on the floor and encourage the children to match the colors of the paper to the colors of the truck.  In the original there are three trucks but I had fives colors from the Lego project so there are five trucks too.
Great simple shapes I can use over
and over again. 
Dump trucks, dump trucks, Cleaning up the town.
Do you see any garbage lying around?
Pick up the trash and match it to a truck, 
Soon the whole town will be all cleaned up!
  • Book - Diggers Go by Steve Light
  • Finger Play - I’m a Builder Tune of “Frere Jacques” (Modified from the original by Jean Warren)
I’m a builder!
Hear me pound!
Hear my sound!
Tap- a tap, a tap-tap
Tap-a tap, a tap-tap
All day long!
All day long!
  • Book - Trucks Go by Steve Light
  • Finger Play - Five Little Nails (Modified from the original by Melissa Depper, Denver Colorado)
Five little nails, standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
BAM! BAM! BAM! One nail goes down.
Four little nails are left to pound.

Four little nails, standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
BAM! BAM! BAM! One nail goes down.
Three little nails are left to pound.

Three little nails, standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
BAM! BAM! BAM! One nail goes down.
Two little nails are left to pound.

Two little nails, standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
BAM! BAM! BAM! One nail goes down.
One little nail is left to pound.

One little nail, standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
BAM! BAM! BAM! That nail goes down.
No little nails are left to pound.
  • Book - Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker
Peter Hammers


Friday, April 10, 2015

And Now You Know

I'm into the second week of my new job.  Everyday I apply things I've used before and everyday I unlearn thing as well.  There are a lot of common library functions but accomplishing them is so different from system to system. 

Things I've learned
Maybe he is looking for a thesaurus? 
  • When I was told Friday and the weekends are casual, this means jeans not khakis. 
  • Everything has a key and they are all different. Also now I jingle when I walk.
  • The bookmobile is enormous and possibly larger than the one I used to drive. 
  • I need to remind myself every day to go to the Teen section.  I camp in the office and suddenly its late. 
  • I think I've finally tried every commute route conceivable to find the best one.
  • I am directionally challenged and I will get lost on the way to work or on the way home at least once a week.
  • I found the vacuum and carpet cleaner.  I work with kids so I bet you cannot imagine why I needed cleanup in Picture Books.
  • We have not one but two of the tiniest toilet plungers I have ever seen. I guess since we have a two seater it makes sense to have two plungers. 
  • There is a bathroom in the department which should be convenient but it has the smallest commode in it I have ever seen.  
  • We are right by the train track and despite the train going by daily I only notice it at lunch and when it impedes my commute.  Or when it does go by I think its a thunder storm instead.
  • The vending machine has a nice selection of snacks. 
  • Our dress code might be Smart Casual.  Its a term I just learned and don't totally understand.  (If something is smart but I don't get it does that make me dumb?)
  • We have a film projector and a whole collection of Westin Woods movies with their cassettes and everything.  I want to bring it upstairs because if the bulb is still good we are so going to use it in storytime. 

Things I still don't know
  • Where is the copier?
  • Where is the laminator?
  • Where is the velcro glove for storytime? (I did find it eventually in with the puppets and I also found the Old MacDonald finger puppets. Which was good until I realize their eyes had fallen off so its more like a zombie rampage in a barnyard.)
  • How do people find time to read after working all day?  I read one graphic novel and one picture book this week that is all.
  • When am I going to find time to blog for YALSA's The Hub? (this goes on both lists I think.  I did write a post but the formatting won't save.  So while the text is great, visually the post is a hot mess.)
  • How will I keep my teens from realizing that I am older and maybe taller but certainly not any smarter than they are?
  • I'm not sure of the official greeting for answering the phone.  Oddly the phone doesn't ring that much and often seem to be in house calls. 
  • Why there isn't a coffee vending machine.  I love those. 
  • I've never seen or made a file folder story.  Have you seen these before?  Its such a fun concept.  I plan to make one the next chance I get.  I'm going to copy a story from Miss Mary Liberry. (yes the name is intentionally spelled incorrectly)


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Laura, Who Wears All the Hats

I wish my library hat looked like this.
After four months of unemployment I finally got a job in Youth Services.  Technically I am a Children's and Teen Services Librarian and I work in the Children's Department.  That is a lot to say so informally I like to think of myself as a Youth Services Librarian. Or even a Youth Librarian.  I don't want to get in a whole debate where I am leaving out tweens or other age groups. Because of my height if I say I am a Teen Librarian people will think I am a teen who is a librarian and not a librarian for teens. So Youth Services it is.

So far my job duties are to learn all the things while also planning for more things.  This is how my first few days have gone. I wake up obscenely early, maybe two hours before my alarm and just think about work.  I get up eventually to take care of the dog and myself.  I give my mom a smooch and head out the door.  It takes 30-45 minutes to get to the library depending on  traffic, construction, trains and other random factors.  I mean this is Ohio, sometimes there are combines or harvesters in the road where you want to be and there is nothing you can do about it.  At the office I either do training or paperwork.  I spend a lot of the morning like that.  Eventually I do planning and it magically becomes lunch time. Speaking of magic did you know the library is near the train tracks?  Did you know that when you are having lunch sometimes the train will go by and you can look for cool graffiti? 

 After lunch is usually meetings or planning or planning meetings.  In the middle I do some solo planning along with helping patrons with reader's advisory or holds. I am learning a whole new catalog and that is sort of slow going. Today I even got to check stuff in and out.  I am borderline terrible with the new catalog.  I can't find what I want and the icons don't mean much.  One of them looks like a monkey, though I am unclear on why. Fortunately the patrons are pretty patient with me.  Actually the staff are pretty amused by my bumbling around and promise to teach me new things when we work together next.  

This meme kills me since working with the public is pretty challenging
and sometimes it sure seems like keeping the books happy might be easier. 

By later afternoon I reach my bonk point.  I have marinated with planning for too long and my brain is now well and fully saturated with new ideas. This is when I explore the Children's Department and other areas of the library.  I love finding new elements of the library but I tend to discover things that end up on my pesky to do list which is already filling up faster than I would like. 

When I head home I'm too tired to think about anything beyond not getting lost.  I don't listen to music or even audio books. (I'm lacing the mental acuity to read and I haven't tackle any books all week) I just sort of think about the day and try to defrag a little before I get home.  I am so impressed by people who exercise before or after work.  It seems like by the time I get home, walk the dog, eat dinner which I didn't even cook, make a lunch and pick out clothes for the next day its 8 p.m. already.  How do people go to school and work?  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Ideally I will be doing programming for children and teens.  I'll be doing in-house programming and outreach.  I'll order teen books somewhere on down the road.  I also have more teen booklists and maybe staff picks. 

Non-Sequitur - Did you know that where ever you are, if you are cleaning glass someone is required to say "missed a spot"? I think its a law.