Friday, October 28, 2016

Teen Halloween

This year my plan for the Teen Halloween was to keep everyone super busy.  Last year I ran out of activities after an hour (the program is 90 minutes) which felt awkward. First we started with the snacks.  Everyone got to make root beer floats.  That was popular and much needed since it seemed to be unusually warm in the room.  I also had some donated Little Debbie cakes shaped like pumpkins and bats.  As an edible craft we made DIY Pocky with giant pretzel rods, three flavors of frosting a variety of sprinkles. Be prepared that just like offering a variety of soda that your teens will inevitably mix, we had ice cream sodas with frosting and sprinkles in you do.

I didn't think to take pictures of the decorations.  I did really enjoy making dangling eyeballs from styrofoam balls and red ribbon.  I hung these right in the doorway to freak out the extra squeamish.  

Once I thought the group was assembled we started with video scary movie quiz called Halloween Movies and TV Show Trivia. Mostly they yelled a lot and got really excited. (Some of that could have been all the sugar) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dance Party 2

Read about our first Dance Party.

I Know New Way to Say Hello from Exercise Party. 
 I used the tune and we added other things beyond the original lyrics. 

I know a new way to say hello, say hello, say hello
I know a new way to say hello all you do is blink your eyes
wiggle your ears
stomp your feet

but I still like the old way to say hello, say hello, say hello
I still like the old way to say hello, all I do is wave my hands

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Far, far, far, we're going to the stars (x 2)
If you want to take a trip climb aboard my rocket ship
Far, far, far, we're going to the stars
In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!

Fun, fun, fun we're going to the sun....

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re going to the moon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Preschool Storytime - Pets


Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed by Carole Peterson HUM
Hello to your toes yes indeed yes indeed yes indeed
Hello to your toes yes indeed my darling
Knees – shoulders - friends


I Don't Like Gloria! by Kaye Umansky
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Is There a Dog in this Book? by Viviane Schwarz.

Goldfish by Laurie Berkner fromThe Best of the Laurie Berkner Band
Can't Wait to Celebrate by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem