Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016 Resolutions

Doge never fails to amuse me
*originally posted 12/15/15, updated 8/27/16, changes made in blue*


Part of getting ready for the new year is finalizing things with the past year.  I think I'll be more ready for 2016 once I get unsavory aspects of 2015 wrapped up. I've started clearing out things from my last job. Every reminder of my short lived job in Qatar makes my heart squeeze a little.  I've cleaned out all my work related emails and addressed.  I emptied my contact list from my phone and email of anyone who was strictly work related.   Sure I made friends to keep in touch with but anything that was just for the job is gone.  I'm unfollowing, unliking and unsubscribing (poor spell check has such trouble with these strange words.  How is oversubscribing an option but not unsubscribe?)from anything on social media that links me back to the past.  Next I'll shred all the documents I have from that time too. I still have a lot of the documentation I needed to move though.  All those forms were hard earned and expensive. I'm still reticent to throw those away in case they might have value at a later date. I want a nice clean slate.  I don't want my past to color my future.  I won't pretend Qatar didn't happen, I just don't want it to be an impediment to me trying new challenges and taking new risks. Any thoughts I've had of getting back at the people from the library need to just evaporate from my life.  Minus of course this fantasy I have of meeting my people from my past again and throwing a drink in their face.  I never promised to become an adult overnight. 

Below is my list of goals for 2016.  Not everything on the list is a work goal but I feel they are things that will contribute to my being a better librarian. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Teen Anime Club - Miyzaki Twister

I had a pin on my Young Adult / Teen Anime Manga Club pinterest board for for Anime Twister.  I made my own version for anime club tonight.  You can print the base for the spinner at the link below.  You will want to print the spinner on one page and then for each of the four characters you will want to print 6-8 pages for mimic the original Twister game.  If you expect a larger group you could print lots more.  I made the spinner by taping the printed spinner onto a piece of cardstock.  I cut a long triangle or arrow from another piece of card stock.  I didn't measure, I just eyeballed something that was long enough to reach the characters' faces. Using scissors I poked a hole through the arrow, the paper and the cardstock. I made the hole larger than the brad (brass fastener) that I was using to hold it all together.  I found the trick was to not bend the brad to tightly. If you fold the brad totally flat to the spinner, the arrow won't move.  It was a little flimsy but this way if I want to change the characters it would be easy enough to take the whole thing apart again.  

Monday, August 1, 2016

ARSL - Tough Topics For Teens - Crafting Easy To Grab Materials for Teens Tough Questions

If you made your own Tough Topics for Teens poster and bookmarks or if you used the printable versions (pdf and publisher files available) on my blog at Tough Topics for Teens Bookmarks and Poster Printables; now you can read the whole story behind those materials.  Check out my article in the Association for Small and Rural Libraries Spring 2016 newsletter. My article is on page 3 of the PDF.

Tough Topics For Teens - 
Crafting Easy To Grab Materials for Teens Tough Questions