Friday, February 27, 2015

Long Haul; What Not to Say to the Unemployed

*posted 2/27/15, updated 7/13/16*

If you haven't been unemployed recently or for an extended period of time, there may be things about being jobless that you might not know.  I will concede that this might explain some of the inane things people have asked me about being unemployed. In case you missed my memos or you are a slow learner, here are some things you might want to reconsider asking. Warning - Large Dose of Snark Ahead.

  • Are you actually looking? - Oh wait, I have to look for work?  You mean they won't bring jobs to my house.  Rats, I've been doing it wrong this whole time.
  • Have you tried lowering ... (random criteria like salary) ? - If you wouldn't tell someone to lower their standards when dating why would you think its ok to suggest that its my own fault that I am just too good for the work I am applying for?  
  • Can you do volunteer work until you find the right job? - Because nothing fills my soul like giving myself away for free.  It took me years to pay off my student loans.  I don't want to go librarianing for charity. I still do not have an income so I don't love the idea of gallivanting around the state frittering away my savings on gas money. 
  • Have you considered offering someone a green card for money?  - Yes, that has crossed my mind on several occasions.  It does solve my money issues for a while but it still won't get me a job. 
  • God/Universe only gives you what you can handle - Well this is my yelling uncle.  No more, I've had enough.
  • When one door closes, another one opens - The door is open but there is still a screen so now what genius?  What if the door that opens is just the dog door?
  • You can't get them all - yes, however one sure would be nice at some point
  • No one said it would be easy  - did you want to give it a go?
  • Don't take the first offer -  Since I have no idea when the second offer might be, I don't think this is the best advice.  
  • The right job is out there - It's out there in Borneo that's why you haven't applied yet. 
  • Good things come to those who wait - the person who has your dream job is about to die so if you can just hang out a bit so your response isn't too tacky that would help.
  • You can sell plasma - ok this isn't the worst idea but why do we only think of it in times of personal need. Blood banks are always looking for donors.  I would put this on your list of things to do after you gain employment.  But seriously if you are on a limited income and maybe don't qualify for food assistance why would you want to do something that might make you feel ill or at least very hungry?  You are on state insurance until you find work so be careful.

Go With the Flow (Chart) by @tbskyen
As with challenging situations and just life in general, remember to measure your words. If it does not need to be said, maybe keep it to yourself.  If you feel inclined to submit your opinion be prepared to have the receiver think you are a complete ninny. 


Thursday, February 26, 2015



I had a follow up interview yesterday for part time work in town. Thursday, I have a first round phone interview for full time work that's a little further afield. I had a job interview last week for part time work that I am waiting to hear back about. To date I've had 9 other interviews bringing the total to 10 interviews.

I started using the the JobZone site by the Library Journal and the School Library Journal. This page allows you to make a profile and upload a resume. The search feature doesn't work well if you don't know exactly where you would like to live. I did get five suggestions yesterday. One of which I applied for already. The job is with a university so it might take a while but it's still more irons in the fire.

The Picture Book Expo at Wright State University last weekend, February 21st was cancelled due to snow. We will try again this weekend, assuming the weather behaves.

I've added a section to my blog that will highlight what I am currently reading. You can find my Current Reads as highlighted by GoodReads with a widget in the bottom of the righthand menu. Its below the pages and the subscription box. Since I have some time on my hands and we are only one month into the SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015, the selection you will see should change pretty often. So far I've read 26 books for 5,200 pages for team Dark Sisterhood.

I've made 60 connections with LinkedIn. You can keep track of this stat and others by watching for updates to my New Year's Goals post.

Lastly, for some comic relief I hope you enjoy this BuzzFeedYellow video called
If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews. *Warning for Language, Racism and Sexism*


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just the Facts Ma'am

It'll be three months next week that I joined the unemployment lines.  I finally have Medicaid but not much else has changed.  Ironically it took nearly 90 days to get health  insurance  but you only get two weeks to pick a state funded plan.  Don't rush me bro, I'm thinking.  Turns out the offices are still on the applications from September.  I didn't apply until early December. Somehow I managed to line jump a little, though I do not know how.

I've had five interviews but no job offers.  I got another email rejection today.  Again with the irony since I was doing volunteer work at the time. In fact I to got a phone rejection earlier in the week, also while I was volunteering.  I thought helping out would take my mind off things but it sure is hard to avoid my joblessness sometimes.   I have another interview Monday for a job at the local health food store. I have lots of ways to apply my customer service background and I hope it will be a good fit.  
Stephen Vail Middle School, now
Middletown Middle School
I really enjoyed working three days at the Book Fair at the middle school this week. I so miss being around young people.  It was fun to talk about books and interact with the teachers.  I also enjoyed doing some simple tasks I couldn't possibly get wrong.  Since the school is near the library where I used to work, I even got to see some teens that used to be my patrons.  Its a little sad how I've gotten a bit out of shape for work.  A 5 hour day sure tuckers me out and it makes me want to eat all the things.  The best part of the whole  experience was seeing the lovely school building.  I'd love a chance to see it again and take some time to really get to know the history.  Nearly every aspect of campus begs to be photographed.  Especially knowing its slated for  demolition once the new school is built.

I've earned $31 with online surveys so I'm not at all close to buying an new iPod classic.  Its something I definitely miss when I drive to Middletown or Columbus since the local radio DJs seem to talk so much and play music so little. 

2015 Reading Challenge
The SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015 started February 1st. To date I have read 17 books for a total of 3,350 pages. You can track my progress on GoodReads.  Also on GoodReads you can track my personal challenge to read 120 books in 2015. I'm probably going to have to change the goal since its including picture books. I thought at least changing the goal to 150 books would be good.  Or I could be quite optimistic and make it 200.  

I need to be blogging more with YALSA's The Hub but boy am I having a creative mental block about topics.  My interview with Len Vlahos sure was fun though.  

Next weekend, Saturday, February 21st I am going to a Picture Book Read-In at Wright State University's Paul Laurence Dunbar Library

As I use websites in my job hunt or as I find resources I want to remember once I am employed, I have been making a page for Online Resources

All the news thats fit to print.


Monday, February 9, 2015

A Day Off

*Originally published 2/3/15, see updates in blue*

When the weather is decent and I walk the dog in the morning. I always notice how the sky seems sharper and the air seems clearer.  I used to think that there was a special quality to the morning.  Now I wonder if that is how the world looks when you first wake up.  The world isn't any different, but you changed.  After good sleep, eye drops and coffee everything seems a little fresher. I cannot swear off most of my distractions.  I don't plan to go cold turkey on social media but one day a week I try to stay offline.  This week from bedtime Saturday until I woke up Monday morning I didn't use social media.  Of course I have rules so that I don't feel completely cut off.  Some internet usage is still ok.  I might edit this list if I find myself cheating.  For right now I have to leave my phone in the other room just to stay out of Facebook.  Somedays I have to turn off the computer all together or I just will not get a thing done.  

WikiMedia Commons

*New* GoodReads
Library Blogs
*New* MapMyRun
*New* One for the Books blog

I am not ready to ban tech devices from the bedroom. I know phones, tables and laptops are supposed to negatively effect your sleep.  I have very strange dreams but I just cannot turn in without signing off for the night. 

Eventually I'd like to adapt this day off into a time where I take off my Librarian hat. I wear a lot of fun hats for work.  I have realize that even when I am not working, I do library things.  I don't have a separation between my personal and professional life. I think to be a better librarian I need to look at things with a fresh perspective and this will require me to completely disconnect from work from time to time.  I hope overall this will lead to a better me as Laura and a better me as a librarian.  Hopefully I can do this by being more organized about my time at work so that I can read library blogs between tasks; something I would normally do at home.  Perhaps I can even work on my book reviews and other  professional development job the clock if I can more efficiently accomplish other duties.  I guess what I am attempting is not to do less, but really do more in a different way.  I am excited and optimistic for the outcome.