Sunday, April 30, 2017

Teen Cherry Blossom Festival, Part 2

Soot Sprites
To celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival this year I planned for a craft, a snack and a quiz followed by some anime on Crunchyroll. In retrospect I didn't like the anime I chose, Food Wars was too mature. Here other activities I've done for The Cherry Blossom Festival

Our craft was soot sprites from the anime film Spirited Away. Most sprites have legs and very large eyes.  Sometimes the sprites also have arms. It is up to you if your sprites just have legs or if they need arms as well. The make a sprite you need scissors, yarn, glue and googly eyes.  There are a lot of methods for making the pom poms but I like the method in this video as it takes the least amount of supplies.  In the picture the smaller sprite was made by wrapping yarn around the tines of a fork.  The bigger sprite was made by wrapping the yarn around my hand. This is a good craft to encourage teamwork is your teens will most likely need someone to try the center string in place. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Good for a Laugh

My favorite form of expression is humor.  I enjoy sharing jokes and even more, I love writing my own. I keep a collection of my comedy for whenever you need a laugh.

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