This blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not providing medical, legal or other professional advice beyond the scope of libraries, literacy and reading. My posts are based on my work in libraries and my love of literature.  My thoughts should be taken in the context of my life and should not be seen as directives that will necessarily apply to other peoples' situations. These are my experiences and my perceptions of those events. I will not sell any personal or contact information. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of anyone who reads or links to this blog.

I am Responsible For:
  • Content:
All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I am responsible for the content – not anyone else. My ideas do not reflect in any manner on the work I do during business hours. While my current employment makes it possible to share my work with you, my words are not a reflection of my employer. Any group, organization, agency or entity that I may be associated with would not be responsible for what I write.  Nor am I responsible for every action, word, thought and deed committed by any person, or group to whom I might refer.
  • Errors of Grammar:
I can and do make typographical errors. They are my fault. If you do not see them it means I am getting better at proofreading. If you do see mistakes you can message me via a format you are comfortable with. You are always welcome to ignore these mistakes.
  • Changing my Mind:
I am fickle by nature. My perspective and opinion are going to fluctuate. These posts are written to reveal what is going on at a precise time in my life and will not be accurate over the long term.  I fully expect people to point out any aspects of my writing that indicate a full scale lapse in judgment that could be construed as lies, or chicanery (big word score, it means trickery). 
  • Copyright:
My words are my own. The images on my blog are from my camera or they will be cited to indicate their source. I will always link to shared or public content. I will not plagiarize.
  • Finances:
I do not profit from my blog, it is simply a hobby that I enjoy. I am not being paid to say anything, bend the truth or influence your purchases.

I am not Responsible for:

  • Eternal Accuracy:
I will work to ensure that facts, links, quote, etc. are accurate, however I do not guarantee that over time things will not change. I will not retroactivity edit previous posts and amend statistics. Assume my blog was valid for the time in which it was written but that it may not age well.  If a post has been edited or updated the date of the original post and the new post date will be made available. 
  • Personal Offense:
I will make my best effort at limiting information to my opinion and not make sweeping proclamations or judgments about anything. It is not my intention or objective to libel or slander any person, business, entity, government, nation or group. All attempts at humor that could be misconstrued were made in an attempt to be funny, pithy, punny, cheeky or merely to amuse. Remember that I am here as a student of life and libraries. I seek only to point out the things I find with the same breathless delight of a child at the beach who must explore every tide pool and shell.  If it calms your nerves to assume that I am a complete idiot and this lulls you into a placid state whereby you no longer wish to curse me via the internet, then by all means, I encourage you to believe I am a fool. 
  • Bad Decisions:
This is my blogger’s version of the Hippocratic Oath; I am not here to do harm. Whether you have met me or not, you may know that my intention, regardless of if I succeed or not, is to pursue peace. While harmony in my life may be fleeting it is no less a focus for me than if it was the daily occurrence I work toward. If you read something that you find shocking, take time to consider why I would share such content. I wish nightmares on no one. We may have misunderstood each other. Contact me before the supposed offense spoils your  further reading of my writing.
  • Comments: 
To a point people may say whatever they like in the comments section of each post. I will do my best to moderate any conflicts. I do not assume that all my readers will get along. Think before you post or I will exercise the delete feature.



  1. Eternal accuracy in this case means I "cannot completely guarantee the accuracy and validity of any information shared through our blogs and expect that some information will naturally become inapplicable and/or inaccurate over time."

    So basically everything in my blog was correct at the time it was written but 5 years from now I cannot promise the same.