Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Five Little Fish - Velcro Glove

I love to use the song Five Little Fish by Dr. Jean from her album Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs.  It is a great song for a beach storytime. This year I decided to make a velcro glove with little fish so I could share the song with my preschool kids in a new way.  My definition of fancy felt is anything with googly eyes and I sure things these critters are cute.

No little fishies swimming in the sea,
(Hold up fist.)
Splishing and a splashing
(Pretend to swim.)
And a rocking to the beat.
Here comes a little fishie,
Oh, say, "hello."
One little fishie swimming in a row.
(Hold up one finger.)
One little fishie . . . (Hold up one finger.)
Two little fishies . . . (Hold up two fingers.)
Three little fishies . . . (Hold up three fingers.)
Four little fishies . . . (Hold up four fingers.)
Five little fishies . . . (Hold up five fingers.)
Everybody wave 'cause don't you know,
Those little fishies got to go (Wave goodbye)
Oh, ah, away they go. (Lyrics)


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