Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Getting ready for fall storytimes I saw the best idea on Miss Mary Liberry for Flannel Friday: (No Sew) Monster Finger Puppets.  I already have a cute set of monsters but I knew I could use this inspiration to make a set of dinosaurs instead.  This is my 3rd set of finger puppets and I love them the best.  My first two pairs were too big and I could not put them on or take them off easily. 

Dinosaur - Sung to the tune of One Elephant.  See KCLS video for the tune.
One dinosaur went out to play
On a giant fern one day 
She had such enormous fun 
That she called for another dinosaur to come. 
Oh Diiiiiiiiiiiinosaur!.
Two dinosaurs went out to play…. 
Three dinosaurs… 
Four dinosaurs….
Five dinosaurs went out to play 
On a giant fern one day 
They had such enormous fun 

That they played until the day was done! 
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