Friday, June 24, 2016

Teen Black Butler Picnic

Last fall I read this great idea for a Black Butler High Tea. Sarah Stumpf Teen Librarian, posted in Teen Services Underground about her program. Her group had hot tea with biscuits.  For my Black Butler Picnic I served iced tea, cookies and orange sherbet.  In addition to Sarah's  inspiration for the program she also provided  templates  for Sebastian's  tattoo and a Black Butler Trivia Power Point. To find both files simply join Teen Services Underground and search for Black Butler. Or under the files listing at the top of the page you will find files downloadable for Black Butler Tattoo step by and Black Butler.pptx

I did a lot of decorating with doilies because I had them from previous crafts and they made everything look fancy.  I also copied a lot of Black Butler art from the internet and cropped them with clip art frames that looked old or gilded. I hung these in groups around the room and at the end of the night I let the teens take them home. Next time I would make more posters but since I didn't expect over 20 teens not everyone got a poster. I am kicking myself a little for not thinking to make some cool faux candelabras with all the paper towel rolls I have squirreled away. Hopefully I can do this for Halloween and go a little goth. 

First we made our tattoos using liquid eyeliner pens.  A few kids couldn't wait and used their own makers which I don't suggest since their parents aren't likely to be amused.  This activity gave people time to wander in, meet and greet a little before we chose teams for trivia.  My tattoo is the bottom left one that's about the size of a postage stamp. 

My teens divided into two teams; The Butlers and The Chainsaws.  Each team them chose someone to keep score.  Since I didn't want them to get too loud we made up a few rules.  Anyone who knew the answer had to confer with their team, then either raise their hand or stand up.  Last time we did trivia everyone got really excited and there was a lot of yelling.  The winning team got a selection of Pocky, Yan Yans and Panda snacks from the supermarket's international aisle to share. 

Tattoos and trivia took about 20-30 minutes.  After everyone got more snacks we settled in to watch the first three episodes of Black Butler on Netflix.  I think everyone went home happy.  I don't know how I will top this for next year.  I will definitely provide more food because they were like locusts tonight. 

Thank you Sarah Stumpf and Teen Services Underground!


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