Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Teen Outreach - Book Speed Dating Printable

For a recent school visit I did speed dating with books.  The 7th grade classes really enjoyed it. I brought 30 books to the class.  The students divided into groups.  Every 2 minutes I played an alarm on my phone and the groups had to switch books from the stack or with another group. The form gave them space to write enough information to help them find the book at the library later.  We dated books for 15 minutes and for the last 10 minutes of class we reviewed which were the preferred tiles. I presented each book and had the students call out reasons why they liked the books.  Ironically some of the books they liked were in the teacher's classroom collection.  I will definitely use this program again. You can find a link the worksheet we used below. Now if only I knew what to do with my school group this month. 


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