Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Preschool Storytime - Thankful Thanksgiving and Food

Sandwich play set-up

Sit Down, Stand Up Song by Rick Goldin
Everybody stand up
Everybody sit down
Now stand up again
And turn around
Keep standing up
But not for long
Cause this is the sit down stand up sit down stand up sit down song

Mmm... Let's Eat by Libby Koponen

Thank You Bear by Greg Foley
Snack Time for Confetti by Kali Stileman

Turkey Hop by Carole Peterson from H.U.M.
Apple Tree by Carole Peterson from H.U.M.
Hot Potato by the Wiggles from Yummy Yummy

Little Red Box - Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
This song was so short that even though I had it on cd we just sang along together. To my surprise several of the children knew the tune already. The song was so well liked that we continued to sing it while adding other things we loved like our siblings and pets, also chickens. :)

I wish I had a little red box
To put my mommy in.
I'd take her out and go,
Kiss, kiss, kiss, (Kiss in air.)
And put her back again.

Daddy: Hug, hug, hug. (Hug self.)
Good Friends: "How do you do?" (Shake hands).

Aikendrum by Raffi from Singable Songs for the Very Young
We're Walking to the Drum by Kathy Reid-Naiman from I Love to Hear the Sounds

Please Pass the Peas by Carole Peterson from H.U.M.

Please please please pass the peas!
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much
You're welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome
Good manners are a very nice touch!

Felt Board
Stone Soup retold by Heather Forest

We Clap Our Hands Like This - tune farmer in the dell. Borrowed from Opening/Closing 
Songs on Storytime Katie who borrowed it from Rhymes for Toddlers on Sunflower Storytime.

We clap our hands like this, We clap our hands like this
We clap our hands with all of our friends, 
We clap our hands like this.

We blow a kiss like this, We blow a kiss like this
We blow a kiss with all of our friends. We blow a kiss like this.

We wave goodbye like this.We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye with all our friends. We wave goodbye like this

We made sandwiches for each other using Mailbox Magazines Food Group template. 


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