Friday, October 2, 2015

Rhythm Sticks - Windshield Wipers

I wanted to incorporate more music to my storytimes beyond singing and dancing. I can't play a musical instrument and I can't read music. I was super grateful to find this article  
7 Super Ways to Use Rhythm Sticks in Your Programs on Storytime Stuff.  I don't have rhythm sticks, so we used tongue depressors.  First we practiced simple directions like tapping the sticks, then tapping them over our heads and then tapping them on the floor.  Then we did this awesome Windshield Wiper Rhyme.  

It’s a rainy day and down the street we go.

It’s only raining a little bit, so the wipers are going slow.

It’s starting to rain more now, but it’s not a disaster.
We know what we need to do: make the wipers go faster!

Oh no, it’s really pouring now, we hope that it won’t last.
Let’s turn those windshield wipers up, and they’ll go fast fast fast!

The rain is slacking off again, we’re not sad to see it go.
We’ll turn those windshield wipers down, and they’ll go back to slow.

Oh, look, is that the sun I see? And here comes one last drop.
The rain has stopped now, yessiree, and we turn our wipers OFF!


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