Friday, July 24, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Library

The Matheson Memorial Library's Facebook page features a great album called Behind the Scenes at the LibraryI love this album. Every year SRP ends and people act like we've closed the whole department. We offer significantly less programming in August compared the schedule for June and July. Of course we are just preparing for the fall, but patrons sometimes think we are all on vacation.  Happily The Matheson Memorial Library of Elkhorn, Wisconsin has tackled the patrons' very important questions :
Did you ever wonder what we do at the library when there are no children's programs? Take a peek to see what's happening behind the scenes over the next few weeks! 
I would be thrilled to have an album like this for our library.  My To Do list is quite lengthy.
 Also I really need a nap.  I know we put on a great show and the team gave it their all.  But as with any performance the encore approaches and it's time to wrap up.  If we had to maintain our SRP level of activity throughout the year I think we would get run down and prone to more illnesses. 

Does your library have programing breaks?  How do you use the time?  I told my storytime kids I had to take a break to clean the craft supply closet and all the storytime props.  What reasoning to you give to parents and kids who want a full events calendar year round?



  1. Its called R&R: rest and re-creation. This is when you give your minds a break to come up with new ideas.