Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Preschool Storytime - July 4th Reboot

See my first July 4th Storytime for Preschool. 

Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed by Carole Peterson HUM

Hello to your toes yes indeed yes indeed yes indeed
Hello to your toes yes indeed my darling
Knees – shoulders - friends

Fourth of July Mice by Bethany Roberts
Biscuits's Picnic by Alyssa Capucilli

Can't Wait to Celebrate by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem

Folder Story
I used the Grand Old Flag folder story that made back in December to teach patterns to a different group. 

Ring Those Bells by Carole Peterson from H.U.M. 

Bread and Butter Storytime Chant from Jbrary's Just Add Rhythm Sticks. 
I edited the lyrics slightly to work with my hand bells.

Bread and butter
Marmalade and Jam
Let's tap our sticks as quiet as we can

...loud as we can
...slow as we can
...fast as we can
...high as we can
...low as we can
...nice as we can

Little Jingle Mouse is from Toddler Story Time - Roar! I'm a Dinosaur! on Library Village 

Little Jingle Mouse 
I heard a little jingle,  (jingle bells softly)
Right inside my house.
It sounded like the jingle
Of a little jingle mouse.
He jingled to the ceiling,  (jingle bells high over head)
he jingled to the floor,  (jingle bells on the floor)
He jingled till he fell asleep,  (hold jingle bells in arms like a baby)
And he began to snore...
(snooore, snooore, snooore)  (jingle bells very gently with a tiny, squeaky snore)

Mailbox - Fox
Door - Dinosaur

Tube Puppet 
I wrapped a paper towel tube with red checkered paper to look like a picnic blanket.  In word I copied an clip art and added the numbers.  Then I printed the ants and pasted them on construction paper.  I cut it all into strips and stapled the strips at the top so they won't turn unless I move them. 

Five Hungry Ants - count the ants first and then repeat the rhyme, rolling back one ant each time until they are all gone. 

5 hungry ants,
marching in a line,
came upon a picnic
where they could dine.
They marched into the salad,
they marched into the cake,
they marched into the pepper….
Uh oh, that was a mistake!
4 hungry ants….etc….

We Clap Our Hands Like This - Tune Farmer in the Dell. Borrowed from Opening/Closing Songs on Storytime Katie who borrowed it from Rhymes for Toddlers on Sunflower Storytime. 

We clap our hands like this

We clap out hands like this
We clap our hands with all of our friends
We clap our hands like this.

We blow a kiss like this

We blow a kiss like this
We blow a kiss with all of our friends
We blow a kiss like this.

We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye with all our friends.
We wave goodbye like this.

For our craft I envisioned a kid safe sparkler.  Each child got a large craft stick or tongue depressor. I cut red and blue suns with our ellison die cut, I think it looks more like a starburst or a flare anyway.  The kids pasted the the two stars on their stick and then added crinkle cut colored paper between the stars or on the stars or on the stick. Ironically it is hot in the building so we had a fan in the storytime room.  The kids really enjoyed seeing the streamers fly in the breeze from the fan. 


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