Friday, June 30, 2017

Teen Anime Club - Silhouettes Game

Drawing inspiration from an online Anime Silhouette Quiz; I created a paper version you can print.  This nine page printable features 15 silhouettes of popular anime and manga characters, an answer key with character names and their corresponding series and a page of quiz sheets.  To test your teens knowledge at your next Anime Club just print the first eight sheets.  Cut the sheets in half and post the 15 images around the space you use for club meetings.  Stash the answer key somewhere handy.  Next determine how many copies of the quiz you need and print those pages.  Provide your teens with pencils and a time limit to make their guesses.  If you want to up the fun you can offer a prize to the teen or team of teens with the most correct answers. You can also be tricky and arrange images in a random order.  You wouldnt think that would be an issue for some reason it bamboozled my participants.  This activity took my teens about ten minutes and most got about half correct.  No one got all the answers correct.  You can find a downloadable PDF file or a Publisher file.  If you think your teens will have enough of a challenge with the silhouettes provided you can just print the file and use it as is, or you can download the publisher file and add images that could be more popular with your group.




  1. Thank you for the share. I am putting this up in the teen room today!

    1. I'm glad you like it. I hope your teens are amused with it as well.