Friday, June 23, 2017

Flannel Friday Roundup for 6/23/17


Goat Yoga may not catch on but the Goat Props from Wendy at Flannel Board Fun are just classic. 
This felt board is Totes My Goats!

Do you need a felt board and rhyme for a tiger or zoo theme? Look no further than Amy at One Little Librarian and her flannel friday: tigers in the jungle creation.  For your viewing pleasure, not one or two but five tiger kittehs. 

Let's have some birthday fun with Kate at Felt Board Magic who brings us  Four Birthday Presents Felt Board Set and Today I have a Birthday Felt Board Set.

Here are two felt boards from my blog, One for the Books.  You can find my Lego Counting board and my Trash Trucks board at Preschool Storytime - Lego/Construction.

Join us in two weeks for the July 7 Round Up at Felt Board Fun.

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