Sunday, April 30, 2017

Teen Cherry Blossom Festival, Part 2

Soot Sprites
To celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival this year I planned for a craft, a snack and a quiz followed by some anime on Crunchyroll. In retrospect I didn't like the anime I chose, Food Wars was too mature. Here other activities I've done for The Cherry Blossom Festival

Our craft was soot sprites from the anime film Spirited Away. Most sprites have legs and very large eyes.  Sometimes the sprites also have arms. It is up to you if your sprites just have legs or if they need arms as well. The make a sprite you need scissors, yarn, glue and googly eyes.  There are a lot of methods for making the pom poms but I like the method in this video as it takes the least amount of supplies.  In the picture the smaller sprite was made by wrapping yarn around the tines of a fork.  The bigger sprite was made by wrapping the yarn around my hand. This is a good craft to encourage teamwork is your teens will most likely need someone to try the center string in place. 

Edible Totoro treat
For our snack I really wanted to try making Totoro Krispie Treats.  Yet another funny idea I discovered while trolling on pinterest.  You will need homemade or store bought rice crispy treats.  You will also need chocolate and vanilla frosting.  The online tutorial suggests you use chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles for the smaller details.  Ours didn't turn out exactly like the demo but it was fun to be messy and then hide the evidence by eating our little totoros. 

I had never heard of Kahoot. Its an online, game based trivia and teaching program. I saw it at a school while doing outreach one day and it seemed perfect for upcoming programs.  I really liked the format so I made a quiz on Kahoot!:Making Learning Awesome!  To use the quiz you will need to display or project this quiz on a wall or tv.  Its up to you if the teens play in teen or solo but each teen or team will need will need access to a smart device that can download the free app. Or they will need access to a laptop and they can play from the website.    When you start the game a code will appear on the screen.  Teens are prompted to add the code to their login screen in the app after which they can make a screen name.  The game play uses colors, shapes and sounds to move things along and facilitate a variety of learning styles. I rewarded my winner with cookies and cream flavored Pocky.  Try this quiz with 19 questions at your next Anime & Manga meeting or at a Cherry Blossom festival of your own.

What Is This? Japanese Edition

We ran out of time for a final activity so I'll post about that after we play Otaku Bingo at our May meeting.


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