Friday, March 24, 2017

Teen Anime Club - Minute Manga

Minute Manga for the theme sushi.
This week in our Teen Animanga Club I created a game based on Drawing Ideas: One Minute Drawings. Found on TinkerLab, this article outlines a Minute To Win style activity that's a bit like Pictionary or Win, Lose or Draw. First provide your teens with postcard sized pieces of paper and a variety of markers.  You or one of your teens will need a timer; I used my phone.  Choose a topic and then quickly draw until time is up.  You can share your pictures or have a teen sit out the drawing portion and then judge the entries.  This game worked well for with Animanga Club as we could easily find topics all the teens liked. I was impressed by how well some of the teens could draw. I was also a little saddened by the number of teens who felt they couldn't draw and didn't want to participate at all.  I would do this activity again with a wider range of possible topics since the teens enjoyed drawing quickly and seeing each other's work.  I appreciated that this activity was very inexpensive. 




  1. I like this idea. Do you have a list of other topics besides sushi? (Not an anime or manga fan, but I think our teens would enjoy this).

    1. Howdy
      I had the teens pick the topics. We did Mecha manga, Naruto Jutsus, Pokemon and some that weren't like Manga related like 'draw this guy in the group sleeping.'