Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Folder Story - The Surprise Party

Using the Feeling Faces from Sunflower Storytime, I made up a folder story for my Feeling Storytime.  As you tell the story, have the children help you make up a name for the child in the story.  They can make up an age for them too.  Let the children try to guess each time what emotion their new friend is feeling as you tell the story. 

The Surprise Party
Let me tell you about my friend (make up name). They woke up on their birthday and they were turning (make up age). They felt so ….happy.
Being (age) sounded like a lot fun. They hoped all their friends came to wish them happy birthday. But after awhile nobody came to the house and no one brought presents. They felt so …scared.
They thought their family and friends and even the dog had forgotten their birthday, they felt so…sad.
Turning (age) was special and important. Didn’t (name) family and friends and dog know that? They felt so…angry.
Just then (name) heard a noise. They went into the living room and oh look everyone had been hiding from (name). They had cake and balloons and presents. They felt so …surprised.
(name) thought everyone had forgotten their birthday but really they had been hiding and waiting to scare them for fun. (name) felt so…silly.

(Name) had a great surprise party.


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