Saturday, June 13, 2015

Preschool Storytime - Birds

Inspired by the Birds Storytime from Miss Meg's Storytime.

We Are Here Together - From Open/Closing Songs by Storytime Katie
“Here, Here” (Tune: “Skip to My Lou”)
Here, here, we’ll all here
Here, here, we’ll all here
Here, here, we’ll all here
We’re all here in storytime
Hello, children, how are you?
Hello, grown-ups, how are you?
Hello, friends, how are you?
We’re so glad to see you!

Whose Chick Are You by Nancy Tafuri
Click, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin
Peep and Ducky Rainy Day by David Martin

Scarves In Your Laps - Johnette Downing The Second Line – Scarf Activity Songs
Donald Duck - Peter & Ellen Allard from Sing it! Say it! Stamp it! Sway it! Vol. 2
Flitter Flutter – Johnette Downing The Second Line – Scarf Activity Songs

Felt Board
The theme is birds but maybe
the theme should be eggs. 
So first the good news, I got a new felt board.  Its new to me.  It is in actuality quite old. But it doesn't have a broken hinge in the middle that would cause it to collapse and knock all the pieces to the ground during your storytime. Also the back of it has a chalkboard.  I didn't test to see if it was also magnetic though oddly enough I found magnetic tape in the closet just the other day, so here's hoping.  

Chicks Hide and Seek  - In this hide and seek game I have hidden three chicks, a frog and a butterfly under the eggs.  I think we could have learned a lot about colors but we did not learn a lot about patience.  I think we'll have to try this again with fewer pieces. 


Borrowed from Scarf Songs and Rhymes for Storytime on Jbrary.
One Bright scarf - (adapted from 10 Little Fingers at Storytime Rocks)

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand)
Wiggle it high (wiggle scarf above head)
Wiggle it low (wiggle scarf by knees)
Shake it fast (wiggle scarf quickly)
Shake it slow (wiggle scarf slowly)
Put it behind your back
Where did it go? (bring out empty hands)

Jack in the box sits so still
Will he come out
Yes he will

Way up in the sky, the little birds fly (flap arms)
While down in the nest
The little bird rest (place hands together, lay head on hands)
With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right (flap left then right wing)
The little birds sleep all through the night (lay head on hands)
Shhh they’re sleeping (shush children)
The bright sun comes up, the dew falls away 

     (stretch arms overhead, wiggles fingers as you lower arms)
Good morning good morning the little birds say 

     (raise and lower arms each time you say good morning)

I couldn't find a video that had the exact same presentation for the rhyme but I hope from my words and this video from the King County Library System YouTube channel that you will get the basic idea.  We used to sing this at camp to wake people up and we had a lot of fun yelling the ending as loudly possible.  

We Clap Our Hands Like This - tune farmer in the dell
Borrowed from Opening/Closing Songs on Storytime Katie who borrowed it from Rhymes for Toddlers on Sunflower Storytime.

We clap our hands like this
We clap our hands like this
We clap our hands with all of our friends
We clap our hands like this.

We blow a kiss like this
We blow a kiss like this
We blow a kiss with all of our friends
We blow a kiss like this.

We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye with all our friends.
We wave goodbye like this.


peep, peep
Our craft was Hatching Chicks from Little Foundations.  We have an Ellison die of a little duck so I used that because our Ellison die cut chicken is huge.  The eggs are made of scrap paper so we had many, many colors of eggs.  The children had time to color their eggs and their ducks.  Then they glued the duck into the bottom of the egg.  We used brads or brass fasteners to make a hinge so the duck could appear over and over again.  For some reason I was nervous that someone would cut their hand on the brads.  I don't know where I got that idea.  It all went fine. 


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