Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Folder Story - Paint

I was inspired by folder stories last week.  Other staff use them.  I saw some ideas online. However I've never seen a librarian present a folder story so I didn't know how to begin. I did a quick google search and found a template I thought I could try. 

(Not) Flannel Friday: “Mrs. Mark’s Favorite Color” File Folder Story

Here's the final result.  I can't wait to test it on my storytime kids. Basically the folder has a cut out to reveal changes in the story.  In my story the colors change and at the end there is a rainbow made of all the preceding colors. And if you are organized or have nimble fingers you can change out of the papers without dropping the contents of your folder story on the floor.

Next time I think I might try a story that didn't require you to cut out two holes for the colors to show through.  For some reason I found this added feature really confusing.


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