Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bryce Don't Play

I was rather delighted to see that my blog, One for the Books,  received a shout out in the blog Bryce Don't Play. In her latest blog post, Awesome New-To-Me Blogs, Bryce recounts 9 librarians who write about programing, storytimes, STEAM, STEM, professional issues and of course they cover a broad swath of book reviews.  With her educational background, this twice degreed librarian is both encouraging  and  humbling. Which is super important since her resume can make most other CVs look a tad paltry. 

For bite sized morsels from library land be sure to follow Bryce on Twitter; right after you subscribe to her blog of course.  

I really appreciate being featured in this article along with 8 other highly motivated, busy bodies whom I hope I can meet some day. 

Scampers away to think about writing her own favorite blogs to follow post.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was very flattering. I know the stats mean people are looking at my blog but its great to know that its being read by people I've never met before.

  2. That's so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for keeping on writing, even through your tougher times. I look forward to see you flourish in your new position!

    1. I definitely plan to expand my online resources page but I also think a bloggers to follow post would be brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration.