Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Teen Chess and Checkers Battle

Need an inexpensive program that requires few supplies?  Try over sized checkers and chess. You will need access to a printer and a lot of paper plates.  I used two  different  colors. For chess you need 32 plates for the 32 pieces.  For checkers you need at least 24 to start plus extras for if people get kinged or crowned. You will need a way to mark the floor.  If your room has tile squares or carpet squares that are easy to see you might not need to mark the game boards.  I used a lot of scrap paper.  These yellow papers had been 11x17 posters with printing on the back that we had hoarded from summer reading a long, long time ago. Tape would also work to mark the floor but I was fresh out. Each board needs to be an 8x8 grid of 64 squares that are large enough for one paper plate. For checkers you just need two different color plates, I choose yellow and orange.  For chess you will need to print the chess symbols in the file below.  I also cut and pasted the rules for each piece on the bottom of the plate so that new players could have some help.  Those rules are in the Chess Pieces file.  Be careful not to mix up your art and rules.  For extra clarification of the rules I used a graphic on the projector that reiterated how the pieces move.  You can find that below as Chess Rules. 

I have the tabletop game of Connect Four on the table in the back.  This is always a favorite with my teens.  I think they like that it is loud since they also gravitate to Jenga.  If I use these games again I think I will just have a giant board game night.  I found it challenging to have my teens play in groups which left many teens with nothing to do. 


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