Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Donut Chef


For Summer Reading we had a program called Donut Chef.  I used the free online printable Donuts Buddies from Oh Happy Day to create a donut dude.  Basically its a page of arms, legs and accessories.  I was impressed that my teens carefully colored and  assembled their creations for over a half hour.  We used toothpicks to stick the paper parts on our cream cakes.  Several teens wanted to created their own  accessories so some donuts had belts and crazy hair which we stuck on the cakes with frosting. 

I made a Memory Game with Donut Printables from Oh Happy Day. I printed three sets of the donuts and then pasted them on leftover card stock to create a giant table top Memory Game.  You could also tape the cards to a wall or wipe board.

For a really active group try the Jelly Donut Scrabble Scramble. Using scrap paper and our alphabet stamp kit, I stamped and cut out many sets of the alphabet.  The teens had to spell jelly donut.  I spread the letters on the floor in a marked off section.  You can use tape or a parachute to keep the letters from wandering around.  Next decide if the teens will work alone or in teams.  The first teen or team to spell Jelly Donut wins. I read about this on Team Building Activities, the scramble is about half way through the post.

I did have worksheets ready so the teens could draw a fancy new donut that they would then pitch to a Shark Tank style panel of teens.  The teens would award sprinkle stickers based on marketability, taste and visual appeal.  The teens like wearing the stickers that I made with laser printer labels but they didn't want to do the rest of the activity. I'm thinking maybe we make donut stickers next time?

I had planned a passing game using Popsicle sticks and donut clip art pasted on old cds but we never got to that.  Instead we spent a lot of time decorating prepackaged honey buns.  I provided the teens with frosting, food coloring, a variety of sprinkles and colored sugars, as well as plates, plastic knives, little cups for mixing colored frosting and tons of napkins.  

I also learned that Simple Green all purpose cleaner will get frosting out of your pants.  


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