Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick Pic - Stained Glass

Remember the piece of stained glass, first featured in Lost and Found, that I discovered in the closet of the kids program room?  The frame was broken and we didn't know if it could be fixed. This was well over a month ago and since library time isn't like regular time, I admit I lost track of the stained glass.  Friday I came back from lunch and walked though the lobby where just ten minutes before, staff had hung the Read sign.  Since most of the main library is decorated in neutrals the bright colors of the stained glass make it visible from a good distance.  

I think staff calls this structure 'the fort,' which is funny since we also have a 'cart corral.'  

The main branch of the library used to be the Warder Public Library and some staff recall that this stained glass was on display when the Warder was open from 1890-1989.  


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