Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lost and Found

Finders, Keepers. 
I just wrapped up week three of my new job as a Children's and Teen Librarian. I cannot wait to see them get my title on a business card.  Our business cards are vertical and I would think that poses some unique formatting challenges. Youth Services is a familiar hat but working in a new library makes a lot of things unclear again.  I am disappointed that since we are paid bi-weekly we don't get our checks until next week.  I was so hoping it was pay check Friday but, alas, pay day is next week. At least there is a prospect of  an impending  staff meetings with donuts.  I do like my nummy-nummies.

  • A wooden peg that should hold the frame to the stained glass panel together.  It should be in the craft closet but I sure couldn't find it.  
  • I still haven't figured out when to work Tween programming into the schedule so that's just going to languish on the To Do List for awhile. 
  • I made two errors on my first library card and had to fix them so I could learn from my mistakes.  (sad hamster) 
  • I cannot get WordPress to save my formatting so sadly I cannot send in any new YALSA blog posts. 
  • My desk gets more full of supplies everyday. And by supplies I mean frosting for make your own Pocky, an elephant puppet and three kinds of glue.
  • My To Do List is a hot mess.
  • I'm barely getting any reading done that isn't other library or youth services blogs.  I am not being a good teammate for the SWON Teen Reading Challenge
  • My packed lunches aren't all that inspired.  Full and nutritious yes but fun, that remains to be seen. 

Craft closet treasure.

  • A panel of stained glass has been in the storytime closet (I sometimes call this the craft closet out of habit, its the same thing) since who knows when. They came to get it with a hand truck today so maybe it will be refurbished and displayed in the library for everyone to enjoy.
  • I discovered you can soften petrified Mod Podge with water if you cannot get the lid off any other way.  Also Mod Podge seem to resist the aging process; the jar sure looks retro but the contents are just fine.
  • I got more HR paperworky type things done and my health insurance cards came in the mail.  Whoo Hoo! I officially have coverage and won't be fined by the government.
And I don't even like carrots.
  • I am making crafts for all my Preschool storytime.  I didn't think I was great at crafts and I didn't think I enjoyed crafts. But maybe that's because I didn't think I was good at them? A viscous cycle.  Anyway, it seems I sort of like paper crafts with the kids so who knew right? 
  • I added my first date for school outreach in May, I'll get to visit a local preschool and share out summer reading programs with them.

  • I learned how to make library cards and actually made one. 
  • The storytime closest gets cleaner everyday.
  • I color coded my email and my work calendar. 
  • I walked through most of the steps to counting down the register last night. I haven't counted down a drawer in years so I'm not that good at it.
  • The Teen room should be getting some new shelving maybe by summer reading. We did already purloin nearby magazine rack that is infinity better than the magazine shelving that we had. 
  • The library is down the street from a historic site called Gammon House, which was built in 1850. 
  • The Bow Wow Brigade, which is a kids program where you practice reading out loud to patient pups, will be hosted by yours truly in May. 


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  1. Radar was the anti-reading buddy. He prefered the older folks in rehab who said "gadzooks" and "jumpin' gee willikers that dog is fast." Because he was indeed.