Thursday, April 2, 2015

Laura, Who Wears All the Hats

I wish my library hat looked like this.
After four months of unemployment I finally got a job in Youth Services.  Technically I am a Children's and Teen Services Librarian and I work in the Children's Department.  That is a lot to say so informally I like to think of myself as a Youth Services Librarian. Or even a Youth Librarian.  I don't want to get in a whole debate where I am leaving out tweens or other age groups. Because of my height if I say I am a Teen Librarian people will think I am a teen who is a librarian and not a librarian for teens. So Youth Services it is.

So far my job duties are to learn all the things while also planning for more things.  This is how my first few days have gone. I wake up obscenely early, maybe two hours before my alarm and just think about work.  I get up eventually to take care of the dog and myself.  I give my mom a smooch and head out the door.  It takes 30-45 minutes to get to the library depending on  traffic, construction, trains and other random factors.  I mean this is Ohio, sometimes there are combines or harvesters in the road where you want to be and there is nothing you can do about it.  At the office I either do training or paperwork.  I spend a lot of the morning like that.  Eventually I do planning and it magically becomes lunch time. Speaking of magic did you know the library is near the train tracks?  Did you know that when you are having lunch sometimes the train will go by and you can look for cool graffiti? 

 After lunch is usually meetings or planning or planning meetings.  In the middle I do some solo planning along with helping patrons with reader's advisory or holds. I am learning a whole new catalog and that is sort of slow going. Today I even got to check stuff in and out.  I am borderline terrible with the new catalog.  I can't find what I want and the icons don't mean much.  One of them looks like a monkey, though I am unclear on why. Fortunately the patrons are pretty patient with me.  Actually the staff are pretty amused by my bumbling around and promise to teach me new things when we work together next.  

This meme kills me since working with the public is pretty challenging
and sometimes it sure seems like keeping the books happy might be easier. 

By later afternoon I reach my bonk point.  I have marinated with planning for too long and my brain is now well and fully saturated with new ideas. This is when I explore the Children's Department and other areas of the library.  I love finding new elements of the library but I tend to discover things that end up on my pesky to do list which is already filling up faster than I would like. 

When I head home I'm too tired to think about anything beyond not getting lost.  I don't listen to music or even audio books. (I'm lacing the mental acuity to read and I haven't tackle any books all week) I just sort of think about the day and try to defrag a little before I get home.  I am so impressed by people who exercise before or after work.  It seems like by the time I get home, walk the dog, eat dinner which I didn't even cook, make a lunch and pick out clothes for the next day its 8 p.m. already.  How do people go to school and work?  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Ideally I will be doing programming for children and teens.  I'll be doing in-house programming and outreach.  I'll order teen books somewhere on down the road.  I also have more teen booklists and maybe staff picks. 

Non-Sequitur - Did you know that where ever you are, if you are cleaning glass someone is required to say "missed a spot"? I think its a law.


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