Saturday, March 28, 2015

What About Me?


The title makes me think, 'well what about you?' I've slowly been working on a thought.  It's been in my cranium crock pot for awhile.  The truth is I don't think I should be a librarian full time.  I don't want to be a librarian full time either.  What I mean by that is I do want to work 40 hours a week.  I do want to be on desk and off desk.  I want to be out in the community and going to book club. I want to participate in ALA Think Tank and Teen Think Tank while I'm at work sometimes when I am off work too.  I will always be a bookworm.  I will watch nerdy tv and get my geek on for things non-librarians might be puzzled about.  I will continue  to get inordinately happy about office supplies. 

Thanks, Tennyson.  I'll do that.
But at a point I am drawing a line.  I need to be firm with myself and those around me.  I cannot be a librarian 24 hours a day.  I need a break.  Somewhere along the way I put on the propeller beanie of Dewey Decimal wonderment, and I never took it off.  This became really apparent to me as I updated my 2015 New Year's Goals post.  I know the blog is about being a librarian but I am a human who evolved into a librarian.  I need to do things that make the human happy even if they don't directly correlate to my professional self. In a nutshell I was living to work, not working to live (I might have that backwards, it sound wrong no matter how its written but I think you get the idea).  My goals reflect that, they are all  professional.  So what about me?  What does my humanity get out of all of this?  The plan is to make a list of personal growth goals.  Would you believe nearly all my  extracurricular activities and hobbies are  library or literacy related? In my free time I'm blogging, reading youth lit or professional development. 

I still want to make a portfolio of my library work.  I still want to take some online classes, attend more conferences and invite more people to book club. However I also want to try some new things and look for some new hobbies.  I want some sort of creative outlet.  I love my blogging but its writing which is like reading which relates back to literature and books and libraries and oh dear here we are again.  I need to run and bike more.  I need to come home from work and not do more work.  And I definitely will never check my work mail from home ever, ever again.  Thats a cardinal sin. 

So about that list, I'm not sure what else will be on it but here is the beginning:

  1. Visit people.  For all the times people have said you should come and see us.  Well now I'm going to do it. There are people I haven't seen and places I've never been because things always conflicted with work.  Work is just gonna have to wait. 
  2. ???  
  3. sportsing, just kidding.  probably not.


  1. You can certainly engage in different physical activities without it being competitive; do it just for you! Creativity is food for the brain.

    1. I don't even know where to begin. There are a lot of choices and sometimes I would just prefer not to choose at all.