Thursday, March 26, 2015

News You Can Use - HOMAGO


Yesterday I heard the word HOMAGO. The word was used in the context of youth services at the library.  Now to me this sounds like a sushi roll.  It makes me want to have a lovely egg and rice tamago roll right now honestly.  But I digress.

HOMAGO is an important aspect of youth services and questions on the topic are being added to the standard repertoire of  interview questions; so its a good time to brush up on your library vocabulary. 

Essentially HOMAGO means 'Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out.'  HOMAGO  is also being used to design spaces in schools, museums, and community centers as well as libraries. 
Hanging out, messing around, geeking out (HOMAGO) is the battle cry for today’s teen librarians. The research shows that, for adolescents, socializing, learning, creating, and just having fun are not separate activities. Teens can roll it all into one. In fact, combining these activities results in more successful learning for today’s young people. (Connecting Youth: Teen Learning in 21st Century Spaces)
One of the best explanations I've seen is "Do you seek ideas on how to turn your library from a grocery store to a kitchen." (USL Online Learning Lab) Instead of just being a space with things that you take home and use for other things, the resources in the library are used immediately to create and not just when a specific program is scheduled.  HOMAGO  can be seen at a library as "mentor-led activities, offered in partnerships with various community organizations: a spoken word workshop, a video game program and a makerspace, or workshop, where teens create birdcages, duct tape wallets and other art projects." (CNN)  So fear not, you may use using this concept already or you may have programs that can be morphed into this new ideal. 

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    1. I think makerspace is the more common terminology, even if its not quite as accurate at the very least I think its easier to say.