Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just the Facts Ma'am

It'll be three months next week that I joined the unemployment lines.  I finally have Medicaid but not much else has changed.  Ironically it took nearly 90 days to get health  insurance  but you only get two weeks to pick a state funded plan.  Don't rush me bro, I'm thinking.  Turns out the offices are still on the applications from September.  I didn't apply until early December. Somehow I managed to line jump a little, though I do not know how.

I've had five interviews but no job offers.  I got another email rejection today.  Again with the irony since I was doing volunteer work at the time. In fact I to got a phone rejection earlier in the week, also while I was volunteering.  I thought helping out would take my mind off things but it sure is hard to avoid my joblessness sometimes.   I have another interview Monday for a job at the local health food store. I have lots of ways to apply my customer service background and I hope it will be a good fit.  
Stephen Vail Middle School, now
Middletown Middle School
I really enjoyed working three days at the Book Fair at the middle school this week. I so miss being around young people.  It was fun to talk about books and interact with the teachers.  I also enjoyed doing some simple tasks I couldn't possibly get wrong.  Since the school is near the library where I used to work, I even got to see some teens that used to be my patrons.  Its a little sad how I've gotten a bit out of shape for work.  A 5 hour day sure tuckers me out and it makes me want to eat all the things.  The best part of the whole  experience was seeing the lovely school building.  I'd love a chance to see it again and take some time to really get to know the history.  Nearly every aspect of campus begs to be photographed.  Especially knowing its slated for  demolition once the new school is built.

I've earned $31 with online surveys so I'm not at all close to buying an new iPod classic.  Its something I definitely miss when I drive to Middletown or Columbus since the local radio DJs seem to talk so much and play music so little. 

2015 Reading Challenge
The SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015 started February 1st. To date I have read 17 books for a total of 3,350 pages. You can track my progress on GoodReads.  Also on GoodReads you can track my personal challenge to read 120 books in 2015. I'm probably going to have to change the goal since its including picture books. I thought at least changing the goal to 150 books would be good.  Or I could be quite optimistic and make it 200.  

I need to be blogging more with YALSA's The Hub but boy am I having a creative mental block about topics.  My interview with Len Vlahos sure was fun though.  

Next weekend, Saturday, February 21st I am going to a Picture Book Read-In at Wright State University's Paul Laurence Dunbar Library

As I use websites in my job hunt or as I find resources I want to remember once I am employed, I have been making a page for Online Resources

All the news thats fit to print.



  1. The good and the sad; you're doing everything you can possibly do. Keep on Keeping on!