Monday, January 26, 2015

By the Numbers

Let's start with a big hoorah for my loyal readers.  I started One for the Books April 20th, 2014 and today I reached 15,000 page views as illustrated by the handy screen shot. In my New Year's Goals post (see what I did there?  It says goal post.  That is almost a sport joke) I challenged myself to reach 22,000 page views by the end of 2015.  I think I am well on my way. 

Fun with statistics. 

In other numerical news, I applied for two more jobs and I am working on a third application. I've had four job interviews.  I received two calls to say I would not be hired.  I have an email requesting an interview but the time has not been established.  I have to date applied for or will have applied for 26 positions.  There are several positions I have no news for (poor little stranded preposition). I think its a strong possibility that I may never hear from those employers or that by the time I get a response I may not recall that I applied.  Thank goodness for spread sheets. I keep a file of my applications, it tracks : date applied, company,  job title, job description, items necessary for the application packet, salary and if I get a response I add another date.  

I now have 36 people as contacts on my LinkedIn account.  I still find some aspects of this site to be really quirky.  I cannot find the correct places to store certain kinds of information.  Maybe the challenge is to get creative and resolve the issue yourself.  I like to keep track of trainings and seminars I've attended.  I really don't know the best spot to list the Mock Newbery Awards I participated in last week. 

I've also read 20 books for my GoodReads goal of 120. I am counting all books so my picture book reading is inflating things a little. 

I've been reading about how the job market and the work environment have changed.  A blog I really enjoy is Ask a Manager, which allows people to get Dear Abby style advice for workplace concerns that range from hiring, time cards, personality quirks and challenging customers.  Since this isn't a library specific page it can be a great resource for anyone in the workforce. 

I've working to expand my Personal Learning Network or PLN.  I just learned this acronym, I think it developed in the teaching profession but it translates well into librarianship.  I think I read the term for the first time on the wonderful site Storytime Underground (they have ninjas). It is an awesome resource for librarians in children's services, tackling programing needs, behavior  challenges and a variety of ways to better serve our youngest patrons and their grown-ups. 

I have signed up for the SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015 (The Teen Reading Challenge is back for 2015!) and I will be on team Dark Sisterhood.  

As in previous years, the Challenge is a team competition. Form a group of three or more people and give yourselves a name. Log all the books you read, and at the end of April, I'll calculate how many pages per team member y'all read.
That is, a team of 3 people who reads 30,000 pages total has read an average of 10,000 pages per person. The same is true of a team of 30 people who read 300,000 pages. The team with the highest average-pages-read-per-person wins!
Librarians for the win!



  1. Read past my bedtime, who me? Sometimes it is just so hard to put aside a good book.

  2. It is either that or hibernate since it is starting to feel like that is what the jobs are doing as well.

  3. How does the page challenge translate to e-book? I was under the impression that varied depending on the device.

  4. You list the books you've read in a GoodReads group and the number of pages assigned to that ISBN are used for the final calculation.