Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Resume Review


There are a lot of kind people in the world, who despite having jobs and busy lives of their own, take it upon themselves to help out the unemployed.  I'm sure each profession has its own batch of this altruistic sort.  I have been using the services of The Hiring Librarians. This blog has many handy features for librarians with skills in a variety of sectors who find themselves unemployed,  underemployed or just needing a change. 

I submitted my resume for review and so far I have  received a lot of good feedback. You can check out For Public Review - Job Hunter LP to see my original resume, the comments I received and the form for  submitting  any  comments you might have. Some suggestions made a lot of sense.  I took the ideas to heart and made plenty of changes.  You ca see some of the edits by checking out my updated resume on this blog

 Another section I've used is the Interview Questions Repository where you can submit questions posed to you during an interview and also read questions other librarians have been asked in their job searches.  Forewarned is forearmed.  I had an in person interview Monday and I have a phone interview Wednesday.  Brushing up on common questions or being aware of new techniques will help me from flubbing an answer.  Also it should keep me from loosing my thought and blurting out 'brain fart.' I am pretty sure that is a deal breaker. 

Did you know that Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers are great programs to use for keeping track of your applications?  I keep a spread sheet of each job with information on the employer, application requirements and when I applied so I can follow up.  This is also helpful if anyone at Job and Family Services asks you what avenues you have explored. 

Other resources that are smoothing the way to employment are Open Cover Letters,  I Need a Library Job, and Library Career People.  This last one isn't specific to just librarians : 
How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets (When You Don't Work With Numbers). I enjoyed this article especially since I didn't realize some people are really opposed to bullets on a resume. 

One thing that would make this whole process easier, if Google Chrome would go back to its original method for managing bookmarks.  I am trying to keep my job hunt organized and wow they sure don't make it easy. 

Normally I complain about people being complete tools but this latest batch of online tools has been really helpful.


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