Thursday, December 18, 2014

Online Job App Fail

There are a lot of things in the world that do not make sense.  Language errors account for a lot of amusement in my day.  Normally these are awesome puns or fun things to ponder, not illogic running rampant on my ability to apply for a job. Case in point this screen shot from a company's online job application that requires a 50+ question quiz on your morals in addition to the usual details about your education and job experience.  There is a section of the form designed for you to add your resume so that the website can autofill some content from the file.  I hit this intriguing road block when the page seemed to be telling me contradictory information. 

At first it seems I am only allowed to upload a single document.  Why else would the site tell me the maximum number of attachments is 1? Now that it appears my mistake was trying to attach yet another document I was really confused by the next statement telling me "You can attach files."  Umm...ok.  So thats plural, as in more than one?  I think one of us is confused but its probably not me. If I am limited to 1 attachment as the first statement suggests how do they think I will "attached files to the candidate records(e.g. cover, letter, resume,references, transcripts, etc.)"?

The good news is, I made it work.  



  1. and people wonder why there are so many unemployed...they can't get through these crazy forms...Cape and Matter Horn

  2. I like to think I fall squarely in the middle of the those with brains and those without. I cannot imagine this whole process without a lot of the luxuries I am used to like the internet.