Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 New Year's Goals

*Originally posted 12/26/14. Updates are indicated in blue.*

Sometimes that are marked done are things that I've started and will continue to work on.  I guess done also means 'work in progress' since some of the items take maintenance. Or its my way of fooling myself into thinking I'm making progress. 
Keep it weird 2014, keep it weird.

I am not a fan of New Year's Resolutions, I never keep them anyway.  I do like the idea of tracking my progress, so I am making a list of goals for 2015.  I am  definitely  taking  suggestions for the list.  Unless you think I should ride more roller coasters or start smoking or some other idea that is just not going to happen. 

2015 To Do List - In no particular order. 

  • Blogs
    • I subscribe to a lot of blogs.  I don't know exactly how many.  The posts  accumulate quickly since I don't usually read them as I received them.  Many blogs I enjoy don't offer a subscription so I just have to remember where I left off.  My new goal is to get through these updates more quickly.  If its a book I want; I need to request it from the library or add it to GoodReads.  If its an  activity  I  want to do it can stay in the keep folder.  However if the email isn't the sort of thing I am going to refer back to once I've read it; I should just read it and delete it.  No more than 50 emails can linger in my blog file. 
  • Continuing Education
    • Take course work online on library topics that I need to study for the first time or just refresh my skills.  I am thinking about grant writing, archiving and cataloging since I didn't study them at IU before.
  • Done - Find a job.
    • 14 interviews, no offers. 
  • While job hunting I take breaks by filling out online surveys that pay in money or sweepstakes entries.  My plan is to earn enough money on a PayPal or Amazon gift card to buy a new Ipod Touch to replace my Ipod classic.  Currently I have earned $22. A new iPod Touch costs from $199 - $299 depending on the memory.  This isn't product placement.  I am not being paid (I wish) by any of the aforementioned companies to promote their products or services.  I wouldn't be opposed to the idea.  (wink wink, Apple, ahem call me)
    • A generous benefactor has gifted me an Ipod.  I will continue to do the surveys as its money.  Using MySurvey I've earned $39, $40 in PayPal gift cards and $50 in Amazon gift cards.
    • My tablet just died so now I am saving up for an ipod and a tablet.
  • Done - Get health insurance either from the state or from my job.
  • Post twice a month to One For The Books
    • In 2014 I had about 12,000 views on my blog so for next year considering I have no idea what I'll be writing about, I think a conservative attempt at 10k page views for the year is a good place to start. I'll shoot for 22,000 page views by this time next year.
    • I reached 20,000 pageviews May, 30th, 2015.  That's 8,000 pageviews in six months.  I will try to match those statistics in the second half of 2015.  Maybe I will get close to  30k pageviews by the new year.  
      • I think 30k is doable since i'm 26k currently
  • Done Related to my blog, I realize there is a handy label feature that is part of Blogger that I do not use.  I most likely will not retroactively update all my past posts but I do plan to label all my posts from here on out. 
  • Write for a more nationally recognized blog in addition to my personal library forays.  This would be in addition to writing for YALSA's the Hub and reviewing for VOYA,  which is already pretty spectacular but of course I want more. 
  • Get my tweets up to 8,000. I'm just over 6k right now.
    • Also I have about 500 followers and I follow about 1k people so I'd like to market myself more as a librarian and see if I can't do a better job connecting with people professionally.  I will shoot conservatively to follow another 200 people and gain at least another 100 followers.  If I'm really aiming low I can always sneak back to this post later and edit it. 
    • My twitter stats so far are 6,500 tweets, 1,403 following and 587 followers. 
  • Visit all the covered bridges in Greene County, Ohio which are outlined in the pamphlet my mom got me. 
  • GoodReads 
    • Reading Challenge.  2014's challenge is still up so I can think about how many books I want to read for 2015.  Maybe 120 chapter books for kids and teens?  I won't count picture books.
    • I have currently read 198 books toward my GoodReads goal of 250.  I raised my goal from 200 to 250 when I realized how close I was to being done but it was only July.
    • SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015 Team Dark Sisterhood - 14,000 pages. Several of my teammates never turned in their final page counts so our team can't really compete with other more organized groups.  This is about as pathetic as the year before when several teammates only read 3-5 books. That seems very unlibrarian-like to me.
  • Done - After talking to a lot of professionals I realized in addition to LinkedIn , I should have been collection other aspects of my career in a portfolio for handy access.  Whether online or in print, it seems a lot of people collect news articles, photographs, program publicity, booklists and other examples of their work.  I have never done this so starting with my next job I resolve have a library portfolio.  
  • Volunteering -
    • Tiger Tri Triathlon. Race course Volunteer. October 11th, 2015. Springfield, Ohio.
    • Middletown Middle School Scholastic book fair. Middletown, Ohio.
    • Fair at New Boston brochure. Social media work for GRCHA  and The Crabill Homestead on facebook. Check out the Instagram feed I admin for them too. 
    • Fair at New Boston. Dressed in period costume and help with this two day event  and Education Day. Springfield, Ohio. Sept 4-6, 2015.
    • Organizing and filing for Junior Achievement. Middletown, Ohio.
    • Dye Hard 5k. Registration and clean up. Springfield, Ohio. April, 2015.

I'm never sure how to respond when people ask me what my plans are.  I don't have a concrete objective.  I know from experience that no matter how much I over plan things will work out to undo all my efforts.  As much as I love logistics it can be a thankless field. I mean who can really prepare for every contingency?  I want a job with some semblance of balance. I'd like to do something exciting and different. I don't understand people who think my pursuit of fun is unrewarding. I'd also like to find a way to channel some inner resolve so I don't sucker punch the next person with a platitude about unemployment.  Look out 2015, I can't make any promises.  It's going to be crazy, but then, it always is. 

This is me, a pessimist, looking toward a new year with a new everything. 



  1. Pessimist or realist? There is a difference. None of us know what will happen tomorrow never mind make "plans" for an entire year. Goals are important and helpful; they give us direction and motivation. No harm in thinking ahead.

    1. Makes me think of that expression "People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan."

  2. Put one foot in front of the other and do the next right thing. You can thank the Queen for that bit of wisdom.