Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Thoughts


{updated 11/14/14 because the charity links listed below were incorrect.}

I know with the approach of the winter season there will be inevitable questions about presents. I am not trying to sound greedy. I do not expect presents. However I know my friends and family are loving and generous. I know ya'll like to say 'I love you' with food and gifts. If you want to send card to me, they can be mailed to my mom or my sister. From there, family can ship cards to me as one parcel. The way shipping works for me is someone in the US pays for shipping just to a courier facility.  From there the parcel is flown to me in Qatar.  Once the parcel is weighed I then pay for that shipping.  As you can imagine the cost begins to add up. 

Please know that most gift cards won't work here. Also we don't have the same stores, i.e. there isn't a Target. Unless you want to get me gift cards from IKEA. I'm kidding. Really I am.

If you really want to give me something, what I would like most for the season is for you to donate money in my name. Or just donate money however you like. Find a person, animal, business, charity or other group that is doing good and help them do more good.

If you have never considered a gift exchange or a spending limit this might be the year to try.  Have you offered only handmaid gifts?  Locally made items?  I have seen a lot of extremes between the haves and the have-nots lately. I hope to not see any of you interviewed on the news explaining how you spent 500$ per person for the holidays.  Unless you went on vacation this amount of money is starting to feel a bit obscene to me.

Have you donated to your alma maters? Giving the gift of an education would be a profound way to change someone's life.

I know we like to exchange things but I am not poor.  I have money with which to buy food, shelter and clothing.  I am rich in love, friends and family.  I have it better than so many other people.  I cannot take from the poor and I do want to take anything from you but your time. 



  1. Beautifully said and so incredibly sensible and well-meaning.

    1. Not sure who said it first or best, but there's a song lyric that says 'I could not ask for more.' That's pretty accurate. Sure I want things but no, I don't need things.