Saturday, September 6, 2014

License Plates and Phone Numbers

Facebook ad for 5 digit plate with double 7s

At home we have vanity plates for cars. If you pay more, your plate can spell out something catchy or just something personal.  In Qatar and countries like Dubai, paying extra for a plate that says less instead of more is common.  The fewer the digits on the plate the more money you spent to get it. Which of course means you are awesome.  These pricey and abbreviated plates are always seen on the latest model Land Cruiser.  Most plates in Qatar have six numbers so the five digit plate being advertised here, along with the double 7s, means it should sell pretty quickly.  I'm assuming my plate will be so long it will actually be a decal that wraps around the car.

Another popular number game here is with phone numbers. The more repeated digits in a
phone number the better the number.  Phone numbers here have 8 digits preceded by a 3 digit area code.  Phone numbers with double or triple repeated digits are everyone's first choice.  Even my number has a double 7. Cause I'm cool like that.  ;)