Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I've Been Everywhere Man

I feel like I have been all over the place lately. Maybe I should think about leaving bread crumbs for myself so I can get home. Saturday night we had dinner at Manaret Beirut, Al Nasser Street, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed, Doha. We had planned to eat at the new location of Turkey Central (see previous post) but they no longer have seating for dinning in. Or they will but it wasn't open yet.  I am a little fuzzy on the details. I will just have to check back. Oh no!  We didn't want to get take away so we roamed the street and decided that Lebanese food sounded good. At Manaret Beirut you eat upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs. This seems to be a common floor plan. The menu was a bit hard to decipher as none of the items have descriptions and many of the names were spelled in unexpected ways. Even our friends who read and spoke arabic were unable to explain some dishes as there are too many regional differences to account for. My mixed grill is the bottom right picture and features lamb, chicken and beef. Your condiments include olives, pickles, french fries, plain pita and a way too much garlic dip. I got some grilled pita with a zesty red filling we couldn't identify. We also ordered some appetizers to share like hummus, baba ghannous, stuffed grape leaves, fattoush and tabbouleh. There were chicken livers too but those were eaten quickly so I don't have any pictures. Apologies that the images aren't in the order that I talk about them but Blogger was being all jumpy and I didn't wanna fight.

This is a shot of the street at night while we were waiting to meet up with friends.  It is always busy.  There was a lot of honking and jostling for parking places.  Catching a cab here was also a bit of a neat trick that took three people and conversations in two languages.  We did all arrive home safe eventually. 

I got home a little late Saturday night so Sunday morning arrived too early for me.  I had orientation for work at the Rec Center which allowed me to sleep in. Between trainings we were supplied with large amounts of caffeine and sugar, often in the same treat.   I am quite enamored with this coffee machine made available  by the catering staff. It makes fantastic cappuccino and espresso.  I also had a latte with espresso but I don't suggest trying more than two drinks together in the same cup.  This tends to make the wait staff nervous.

Sunday as part of our orientation we were able to visit Al Shaqab which is also part of Education City.  This massive complex dedicated to horses includes facilities for lessons, racing and raising Arabian horses.  They also keep a stable of ponies of all types for their riding lessons. While our tour included the stables and arenas that are part of a standard tour we also saw some VIP areas that I am unlikely to ever visit again.  The stable is pristine and doesn't smell at all like a barn.  In fact I found many of the areas we visited smelled more like fresh paint than hay.  Also I didn't see any barn cats. 



  1. Wow those horses have it made!!! And your food looks yummy!!

  2. Bet it would be neat to ride one of the horses on the beach....dinner sounded like fun cape and Matter Horn