Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Quiz Answers

There were so many guesses about the two picture in my What Could It Be post. Here are the suggestions and the answers.

Is picture 1 meat?  Could it be shredded chicken or duck.  Or shredded cheese?

The first picture is Halawa Shaar, a finely shredded Halawa or Helva.  The main ingredient in Halawa and many  varieties of Helva is sesame seeds. If you've ever eaten hummus or baba ghanoush, both dishes derive a lot flavor from sesame tahini. 

What about picture 2?  A vegetable, red peppers?  A prepackaged curry? Squash?  I really enjoyed the suggestion that this package contains Lil Smokies. I had votes this might also be cactus, sun dried tomatoes or gogi berries.

Congratulations to Jon for knowing that these are dates.  In fact they are dates stuffed with almonds.  I don't have a picture because the dates are so sticky.  They taste delicious and the protein from the almond is a great bonus. You can buy dates here with the pits still in them.  The almonds can look a lot like the pits and honestly I don't know how you tell from the packaging if the dates are pitted and stuffed with almonds or not. In fact I was given another pack of dates today.  The dates may be packed in honey but I won't know until I try one. 

Over the lips and passed the gums, look out stomach here it comes. 



  1. Dates are really great...we had no clue re that shredded stuff...our Helva is chocolate and in a bar form....wish we could have done a taste test Cape and Matter Horn

    1. Dear Goats, Sorry the nibble-o-vision isn't working right. I bet you can find helva at a speciality market in your area. Look for a supermarket that caters to the Lebanese or Turkish. Or maybe you could find it at Whole Foods since sometimes its hard to imagine there are foods they do not carry.


  2. I have found halvah at Meijer in this area with the international foods. You sure had me on that first photo; I never would have guessed. Dates stuffed with almonds? Sounds delish!