Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The LuLu Express

I have been in Qatar since Friday night and I have been to the grocery store three times.  Its really hard to do a lot of things when you are jetlagged but meal planning is beyond me. I met some awesome ladies who work at The Qatar Academy.  We decided we wanted to go for a little adventure but since none of us could drive the best we could do was a visit to the supermarket.  Attached to our compound via a bridge over the road is a grocery store.  The main stores are Lulus but our store is teeny so its a Lulu Express. Also in this market is a branch of Aramex shipping (its like FedEx), a branch of the Qatar National Bank, a kids toy store called The Early Learning Center which I find interesting since this is what we call the Preschool in Middletown.  There is also a coffee shop and a ladies only beauty salon.  That's right fellas, if you want a mani-pedi you have to go elsewhere.  Salons are single sex only here. 

So anyway this time I was on a mission, I wanted peanut butter.  And oatmeal. Yes I know its 100 before 7am but oatmeal sounds appealing.  I know it looks like a lot of carbohydrates but I still have a fridge full of apples and oranges.  The box in the back that you can't quite see is a 12 piece set of plastic dishes so that I can store food or take snacks to work.  It occurs to me I haven't seen any vending machines here so its a good idea to have treats on hand. My trip cost 159 Riyals which equals about 43 Dollars US.  The best bargain by far was the packet of 3 pita breads for only 1 Riyal. At .27 cents a packet I will definitely buy more of those.  Thankfully many of the teachers here are seasoned travelers and its easy to follow what they do to find bargains.  One of the ladies has lived in Abu Dhabi so she's a trove of knowledge.  

Tonight I cooked my first meal.  Nothing fancy and certainly not spicy since I don't have a fully stocked pantry.  Its ravioli with tomatoes and cheese.  Maybe I can name it Carrefour Pasta after the grocery store the ingredients are from.  



  1. I'm glad you found oatmeal and coffee sticks! I had picked some up at the grocery store but it appears we can't ship food. *pout*

  2. The trick I think is to slowly build up my pantry again. Its just going to take awhile. Right now I am making some very odd meals.