Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kitchen Answers

I bet ya'll are curious about the kitchen quiz.  We had some good responses. Our first photo was thought to be a food dryer or chicken roaster. Or possibly for shish-kebobs. Was the item a paper towel holder or a dish rack? Turns out, its really a toaster attachment for browning larger items like thick bread or hamburger buns.

Yeah Toast!

Our second item many of you nearly guessed.  First you remove the tan tray and inside are two blue ice cube trays.  You fill the trays with water and add them back to the freezer.  Once the cubes are ready you twist the knobs are previously shown and the cubes dump into another handy tray below.  It's pretty awesome.  

You're as cold as ice.


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  1. I bet that ice cube maker doesn't break down nearly as often so its a win-win in my book.