Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Title

Because I am a colossal fidget and because I cannot pack anymore, I have changed the name of my blog.  Your email notifications might look different.  My facebook posts and tweets may look different as well.  But rest assured that the content, albeit goofy, remains the same. 

My blog is now One For The Books

The best part of my blog title is it was chosen by goats.  Yes goats.

My friends Cape and Matter Horn chose the name and I really like it, so here's to you friendly neighborhood goats.   


1 comment:

  1. We gave it a lot of thought...after all , you are one for the books as in library books etc and you are one of a kind for sure and that name seemed to fit. Glad you liked it and we are looking forward to reading about your adventures in the Land of Sand. Best wishes..we are so proud! Cape and Matter Horn