Sunday, May 11, 2014

Updates - A Place for My Stuff.


Thank you George Carlin for perfectly explaining the importance of having space for all our
belongings. Currently my worldly possessions are scattered across three counties. I now officially live with mom. I'm back in the room Barbara and I shared since the age of 8 up to heading out for college. Not that we got too far away since we went to the same school, and lived in the same dorm. Now begins the consolidating process and determining where everything landed after the whirlwind tour Saturday of trying to move in a monsoon. Here's a tip, UHaul trucks should never hydroplane.  And another tip, if the rain is so bad you cannot see out the windshield, putting your emergencies blinkers on can improve your visibility to other drivers. Your visibility will still be terrible.

Still no news about my paperwork so I'll be calling the registrars office tomorrow to see what is going on. 

No big plans thus far, I'm going to get a Greene County Public Library card since my old card still says I'm a juvenile. 


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