Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arabic Picture Dictionary and Other Resources

I like a broad spectrum approach to studying since I get bored easily. I think this is why I gravitate to language learning products designed for kids, they are geared to my attention span. I might be doing things backwards since I don't know my Arabic alphabet.  I am using The Berlitz Kids Arabic Picture Dictionary; a Child's First Arabic Dictionary, which includes "Over 1,000 Words and Phrases." 

Here are some handy words and phrases.

hade' - quiet
osmot! hafedh 'aala alhedo'! - Shh! Be Quiet!

ketab - book
ana aqra' ketab - I am reading a book.

maktaba - library
almaktaba momtale'a belkotob. - The library is full of books. 

qesa- story
kolona na'aref hazehi alqesa - We all know this story.

yaqra' - to read
hal ya'aref kaif yaqra? - Does he know how to read?

yamtalek - to own
men alrae'a an tamtalek ketaban. - It is wonderful to own a book.

Here are some helpful sounds bites so you can tune your ear to Arabic letters.
Hear Arabic Survival Phrases

If you think some of the vocabulary sounds familiar this is because we use many Arabic words as common English words like artichoke, jar and zero. (Wikipedia)

Here's a studying tip, stop before you brain gets full.  I like to take a break and brush my teeth.  I'm not sure how my Arabic i but my oral hygiene has never been better.

ma'aa assalama - goodbye


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