Sunday, April 20, 2014


What's up butter cup?

Here is everything I know so far about my new job and my move.

  1. I'm leaving my current job of nearly 10 years.
  2. I'm taking a librarian position with The Qatar Foundation. 
  3. I will be moving to Doha, Qatar.
  4. I do not speak Arabic .
  5. I am not Muslim.
  6. Mom is adopting my dog.
  7. I am not selling my car or shipping it overseas. Mom has Dinah and she will drive her and love her and take her to the dealer for silly recalls that involve window switches. 
  8. I already have a place to love provided by my employer.
  9. My last day of work is Friday, May 9th,  2014.
  10. I have broken the lease on my apartment.
  11. I am moving Saturday, May 10th, 2014.
  12. Anyone who wants to help me load or unload the truck is invited.
  13. I will be buying a new phone, if you'd like to talk after I move google chat or Skype will be best.  I also really like facebook messenger even though it does not have video it is great for calls.
  14. I will not be required to wear any traditional clothing unless I choose to for practical purposes.  I do swim in a rash guard which covers my arms and chest but this is because the sun is so strong and now specifically out of modesty. 
  15. I will buy a car after I move and will take drivers ed in Doha to earn my license.
    1. I have earned my license.  I did have a rental but I have just bought a car.
  16. I may need a special license to buy alcohol. You can get alcoholic drinks at the hotels but if you'd like to drink in your home you need a letter from your employer that says how much you make and then you can only spend a certain percentage of your salary on spirits.  Or so I am told as I have not done this process yet.
  17. I don't have family in Qatar.
  18. I do not need to convert.
  19. I don't know when I'm leaving.
    1. I left August 14th 2014
  20. I don't know what my first day of work will be
    1. My first day was Sunday August 17th 2014
  21. I don't know my address yet.
    1. My job has a PO box but my apt doesn't really have a mailing address.  I get mail via Aramex.
  22. I will have an apartment provided by my employer. It is furnished.
  23. My first day of work would be a Sunday since the work week is Sunday through Thursday. I work 7:30am-3:30pm unless we are on summer hours which is one hour less or during Ramadan which is two hours less.
Look for further updates.  Ask away because I'm sure there is something I missed.

updated 11/14/14



  1. I'm your first comment! Twin for the win!

  2. Hooray thanks for helping me get this set up. I've had a blog for 5 whole minutes.

  3. Congratulations, and best wishes to you on your next great adventure!

  4. Congratulations, Laura! You will be missed! :)

  5. What an exciting adventure! Congratulations Laura.
    I have a question about the job interview. How did you prepare for it and did any questions surprise you?

  6. Thank you, I spent a lot of time reviewing what I knew about my own library and comparing that to services that QNL The Qatar National Library already offers online or plans to offer in the future. That would I could directly correlate my skills to their needs. I also put post it notes on my laptop so I could easily reference things if I got flustered. I do think I flubbed a questions by stating that a particular famous personage would be at the library when in fact they were really video conferencing with patrons.