You Might Be an Ex-Pat If...

When I moved to Qatar became an expat, that means I live and work in Qatar but I wasn't born here. Expats are people who have expatriated or emigrated to another country. This term used to mean you had been kicked out of your country and so you had to live elsewhere.  Now it is used to mean you have moved for work or something much less dire. 
  1. You have calling cards in your wallet
  2. You have two or more cell phones 
  3. You have three or more chat and calling apps. I think I have seven: facebook messenger, google hangouts, Viber, What's App, facetime, skype, IMessage. 
  4. You have many forms of ID. 
  5. You might have two wallets to keep your ID and currency separated. 
  6. You use the world clock on your phone and computer.
  7. You get up early or go straight home from work so you can call people.
  8. Getting mail is a rare and joyous occasion.
  9. You often feel torn between two identities. (22 Signs You’re a True Expat)
  10. You get really good at identifying accents. 
  11. You can hear someone from your country or state anywhere in a room.
  12. You can recognized someone from your area immediately.  Like the girl on the bus from Kentucky.  
  13. You are on the look out for fellow expats favorite foods.
  14. You eat from a fast food chain just to see if it tastes like home.  ahem..Arbys.
  15. You are a whiz at charades and pantomime.
  16. You have lots of spare electrical adapters. 
  17. You are tech support for everyone, even though it isn't your job and you aren't even that good at it.
  18. You wake up and lay very still while you try to think about where you are, and when you are.
  19. You feel like you have to represent your entire home country.
  20. You try to be unnecessarily nice to waiters, drivers and shop keepers  because  everyone else seems to treat them so badly.
  21. Little things you never thought about before are suddenly very important.  Getting my RP or resident permit was the first time I used the happy dance.  If you have never considered your citizenship before, moving to a new country will move its place on the priority list. 
  22. You miss the instant gratification of ordering items online and receiving them with in 24 hours. 
  23. You have to use a rubber band to keep your wallet closed or buy a new wallet, because you are required to carry so many forms of id and so much cash for taxis that your billfold won't stay closed.
  24. You choose foods at the supermarket by the shape of the word; you don't really know how to pronounce the brand or food you want.
  25. Your phone as numerous mapping apps to account for construction, internet issues and your own inability to learn road names. 
  26. Its really easy to miss things that are going on back home and when you talk to friends and family you realize how out of the loop you are. 
  27. Getting cable tv is a supreme challenge not to be tackled lightly and might involve conversations with coworkers, their spouses and 'a guy they know' just to watch the all important futbol match.
  28. When there are times you aren't sure why you went or why you left because you simultaneously loved and hated it with equal emotion.
  29. ....more to come


  1. Sounds about right, but you are getting better at being there than your first week...that's progress! They have an Arby's? wow Glad you are there to represent the Humans and us goats too from USA! Go Laura! best wishes for a great October....Cape and Matter Horn