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Grandma, Laura, Mom and Barbara 
I think technically this is an autobiography since it is about me and I am the one writing it.  Here is the quick 411 about my life before my blog.  I was born in August with my twin sister Barbara.  I am exactly 1 minute older than she is. At just a few months old we moved for the first time. We moved to Santa Anna, California and later to Lompoc, CA.  Dad said home is where the military sends you but I think the hurricane might have scared my parents west, way west. California meant lots of sun and sand.  Barbara and I attended nursery school and got our first pets (goldfish and a cat).  Around age 5 we moved to another city in California and started Kindergarden.  We took classes together until first grade because we were so attached to each other.  In the third grade we moved to Beavercreek, Ohio.  To an 8 year old this sounded like leaving the known universe.  The photos dad sent back from Ohio were not encouraging.  Ohio in October looks pretty bleak. We drove from California to Ohio. It took a week.  The scenery was awesome but I missed multiplication in school.  This detail always sticks out for me since I am not a strong student in math.  Things really sped up for me as life filled up with girl scouts and theater. 

Two trends in my life started at about the same time, I discovered comic books/graphic novels and I was a library aid at the junior high school. As I bought more comics I decided I needed a system to prevent me from purchasing duplicates. I wasn't earning so much money with my allowance and shifts at Taco Bell to be wasteful.  So like any good pre-library and information science student, I created a catalog using excel.  My love of comics and libraries led me to manga and eventually Anime Club in college.  While studying English at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, I found an Anime Club that met for 6 hours two nights a month.  I had this routine of working Friday night in the computer lab until 6pm, then running back to my dorm room for a quick microwave meal, probably ramen and then going to Morton Hall on campus for anime overload.  I recall being deeply effected by the  animated  film, Grave of the Fireflies.  An experience that allows me to inject passion  and  enthusiasm into anime and manga focused programs, collection  development  and  general discussions.

Greene County Public Library 
When I graduated from OU I moved back home and spent a months doing absolutely nothing of value. I watched a lot of The Price is Right. I think I can safely assume it was my mom who saw and shared the job listing for bookmobile driver with Greene County Public Library. On September 11, 2001, I received a phone call about the job.  I was pretty surprised with the nation wide chaos that GCPL was still hard at work with library business. I interviewed for and got the position. I can't recall if I was ever not scared while driving the bookmobile. I was always aware of how big the bookmobile was and how much smaller all the local roads and parking lots seemed in comparison. Its was such a large vehicle and I was so protective of my precious cargo. Being a bookmobile clerk is a pretty unique job. The chaos seemed to suit me and I started to think maybe this was something I could do full time (my job as clerk was part time and I worked at the book store at night). Late fall I decided to apply to library school and I toured a few campuses. Despite a terrible ice storm, I visited Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. I immediately felt connected to the campus, icicles and all.  

Reading Thomas the Train
with a library friend
Two years and a Masters in Library Science later I was moving back to Ohio magically imbued with the powers of a Youth Services Librarian.  While attending school at IU I also worked part time as a page and circulation clerk at the Bloomington branch of the Monroe County Public Library. My routine was to work the morning shift at the library.  Then I'd take the bus home to catch Bonanza and study.  I went through a westerns phase in grad school.  Then I took classes at night. Degree in hand, I worked at the MidPointe Library System, Middletown branch for 10 years, 2004-2014.   I work anywhere from 7am to 9pm.  I have held snakes, and cats, corralled dogs, put bandaids on children and slept in the lunch room. Most days I wish I had roller skates, time travel abilities and faster internet. If you look in a my desk you will find enough snacks to weather a blizzard including granola bars, dried seaweed and the ginger chews I cannot seem live without. 

In spring 2014, I announced I was changing jobs.  I was moving to Doha, Qatar to work at the Qatar National Library. After resigning my position and I moved in with family.  I thought my residence was temporary, however a glitch with my paperwork gave me a three month hiatus from work.  I moved to Qatar officially in August and started work with the Information Services Department.  Originally I was a member of the Teen team but became a member of the Children's team as well.  Three months into the job I felt that the challenges I was being presented with were not on par with my expectations.  Since the job's probationary period was three months, I made the decision in November to resign. 

Currently I am back in Ohio, again living with family.  After four months of being unemployed yet not qualifying for employment,  I finally have full time work.  I work at the Springfield or main branch of the Clark County Public Library.  I run preschool storytime for children 3-5 and their families.  Its held every Tuesday at 10:30 am.  On most Thursday evenings I run teen programing.  Right now its a rotation of TAC, Gaming and Animanga.  My commute is about 35 minutes so I have started listening to audiobooks again to keep up with my reading. 

Hubble is an avid reader.
In addition to my job I still review books for SOYARMG, write reviews for VOYA, blogs for YALSA's the Hub and of course work on my own blog, One for the Books.  I also run and bike.  Mostly though I just spoil my dog. 

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  1. Wonderful! Good fun! There are photos I have not seen before included.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the pictures. Some of them I had to scour facebook for.