Thursday, May 7, 2015

Send Asefa to University


*I originally posted this a month ago in April.  Since then $240 has been raised toward the total goal of $1,000. I have made a donation myself and I have recently befriended Asefa on facebook. *
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I know I could not do my job without my college education. I've spent 6 years and a great deal of time and money earning two degrees. There are many paths to success but the way to survival for many is limited.

Asefa is a student in Lalibela, Ethiopia who left his village to continue his high school education. My friends live and work in Niger. While they were fortunate enough to meet Asefa they do not have the resources to help him or his family.

Today we met a kid who left his village in the mountains for the closest city because the local school only went to grade 9. He traveled 65km and lived on the street until he could make enough money to rent a room so he could go to high school. He is taking exams in May so he can get into college after he graduates next year. He wants to be a doctor. When he went home for a visit his family tried to get him to drop out of school and tend the cattle. He wants to bring his sisters into the city so they can continue their education because it is very important for the development of his country. We met him at a small artists village where he volunteers his time to a local weaver because he can't speak english. He tutors two kids to pay for food, rent and school supplies. 
Grade card.

Please consider helping Asefa through an Indiegogo campaign. Raising $1,000 will have a powerful and long last effect on his education and the rest of his life.


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