Friday, April 10, 2015

And Now You Know

I'm into the second week of my new job.  Everyday I apply things I've used before and everyday I unlearn thing as well.  There are a lot of common library functions but accomplishing them is so different from system to system. 

Things I've learned
Maybe he is looking for a thesaurus? 
  • When I was told Friday and the weekends are casual, this means jeans not khakis. 
  • Everything has a key and they are all different. Also now I jingle when I walk.
  • The bookmobile is enormous and possibly larger than the one I used to drive. 
  • I need to remind myself every day to go to the Teen section.  I camp in the office and suddenly its late. 
  • I think I've finally tried every commute route conceivable to find the best one.
  • I am directionally challenged and I will get lost on the way to work or on the way home at least once a week.
  • I found the vacuum and carpet cleaner.  I work with kids so I bet you cannot imagine why I needed cleanup in Picture Books.
  • We have not one but two of the tiniest toilet plungers I have ever seen. I guess since we have a two seater it makes sense to have two plungers. 
  • There is a bathroom in the department which should be convenient but it has the smallest commode in it I have ever seen.  
  • We are right by the train track and despite the train going by daily I only notice it at lunch and when it impedes my commute.  Or when it does go by I think its a thunder storm instead.
  • The vending machine has a nice selection of snacks. 
  • Our dress code might be Smart Casual.  Its a term I just learned and don't totally understand.  (If something is smart but I don't get it does that make me dumb?)
  • We have a film projector and a whole collection of Westin Woods movies with their cassettes and everything.  I want to bring it upstairs because if the bulb is still good we are so going to use it in storytime. 

Things I still don't know
  • Where is the copier?
  • Where is the laminator?
  • Where is the velcro glove for storytime? (I did find it eventually in with the puppets and I also found the Old MacDonald finger puppets. Which was good until I realize their eyes had fallen off so its more like a zombie rampage in a barnyard.)
  • How do people find time to read after working all day?  I read one graphic novel and one picture book this week that is all.
  • When am I going to find time to blog for YALSA's The Hub? (this goes on both lists I think.  I did write a post but the formatting won't save.  So while the text is great, visually the post is a hot mess.)
  • How will I keep my teens from realizing that I am older and maybe taller but certainly not any smarter than they are?
  • I'm not sure of the official greeting for answering the phone.  Oddly the phone doesn't ring that much and often seem to be in house calls. 
  • Why there isn't a coffee vending machine.  I love those. 
  • I've never seen or made a file folder story.  Have you seen these before?  Its such a fun concept.  I plan to make one the next chance I get.  I'm going to copy a story from Miss Mary Liberry. (yes the name is intentionally spelled incorrectly)