Monday, March 2, 2015


Do you ever find that it takes a long time to make a decision? 

Does it take so long to choose a task that nothing gets done? 

Maybe its too late to work on what you want to do or other work came up?   Do you wish you had a way to take the guess work out of prioritizing? Do you wish you could have a task to start on  immediately instead of procrastinating? Think how much more productive you'd be with a tool that would take the guessing out of how to tackle your in-box or to-do list. 

I have made just such an item to simplify your day.  Clue cube was taken so I call my device the UnBlock.  I have made a prototype out of paper.  I'll get to the upgrades later. So how does the UnBlock work?  I chose 6 tasks that I had trouble focusing on and committing to.  

I labeled the UnBlock : 
  1. Blog - my own blog or a YALSA post, book reviews for SOYAMRG or VOYA
  2. Jobs - job boards, update resume, LinkedIn, applications and cover letters
  3. Exercise - yoga, meditating or running up and down the stairs
  4. Clean - something around the house or myself
  5. Plan - make a date with a friend or plot meals and what I need at the grocery store
  6. Read
Anytime I feel my focus faltering or I've spent too much time getting on target, I simply toss the UnBlock and I do whatever the top note says.  Its an adult Magic 8 Ball.  My first version has a few flaws.  The most obvious issue is the sticky notes will fly off when you toss the UnBlock.  I want people to be able to change what the sides say so I think a block with write and wipe sides or sleeves for cards you can rewrite would be a good idea. 



  1. This could work with a standard die and a list numbered 1 to 6. That way you could change the list without having to change the block.

  2. I think for a lot of people a standard die is sufficient. I was trying to minimize my procrastination by having a shorter path between thinking and doing.

  3. How about cutting up file cards to fit? These could then fit into the block around the sides and you wouldn't have to be concerned about the "stick" on sticky notes unsticking.

    1. Yes I definitely think smaller scraps of paper would be better. Maybe I can get this on Shark Tank. :)